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  1. [ubuntu] Re: how can i access shared folder between 2 ubuntu computers?

    ok i got thatfar now where do i find the ip for server , is that tha mac for my modem . or the wireless card of the new laptop i want to move everything to
    . i mean essentially my laptop could be a...
  2. [ubuntu] how to consolidate files from multiple laptops to one

    ok , i have three laptops all with ubuntu full install .i want to move the files in my home folders from the two i wish to wipe reinstall and sell to the one i wish to keep.i have about two hundred...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: how can i access shared folder between 2 ubuntu computers?

    i am having similar problem, i have three laptops ,all with ubuntu only installed ,i want to move all my home files to one ,the newest laptop so i can wipe reinstall and sell the other two ,what is...
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    Poll: Re: HOWTO: Aircrack-NG (Simple Guide)

    ive been beating my head agianst the wall with this one please help jared@jared-

    desktop:~$ sudo airmon-ng start rao

    Found 5 processes that could cause trouble.
    If airodump-ng,...
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    [all variants] Re: how do i partition brand new drive

    that didnt help much no .
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    [all variants] how do i partition brand new drive

    i got a cheap p.c with ony room foe one hard drive and one disc drive . it came with a 160 g. drive and i pulled it out and put in a 500 g. i bootede ubuntu onto the new disc from cd and it took up...
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    [ubuntu] realy confused

    i got a new internal hard drive,the one that came with my pc. had vista built into it and it was only 160 g. so i got new one in . booted from my ubuntu disc and now cant downlaod vuze cant gdownload...
  8. [all variants] cant view full screen video with firefox

    doesnt matter if its utube or other sites like red tube , when i click the icon to go full screen with video it flashes full screen for a second then cleses back to reguler window . i can veiw movies...
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