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    [all variants] Re: Drag windows between computers

    Initiate a vnc session with a resolution big enough to span both monitors. Then run a vnc viewer on each machine and view the appropriate half.

    You will probably also need x2x to control the two...
  2. Clearance Ubuntu Desktop Groovix Computers

    We are having a clearance sale on some of our older hardware. We currently have 6 machines available for sale:

    These are...
  3. Announcing new Groovix computers

    As you may know, AMD recently released their socket AM2 processors which have replaced socket 939 and 754. After extensive testing, we are pleased to announce these new desktop computers from Open...
  4. Poll: Help shape the offerings from Linux vendors

    Open Sense Solutions will be updating its Groovix computer line in the next few months and we'd love to get some input from the community.

    First off, what do you like, and what would you like to...
  5. Re: Introducing the Koala Mini - Ubuntu Mini Desktop

    First off, apologies to Carl for threadjacking, if you want to discuss Groovix computers from Open Sense Solutions we can move over to this thread:...
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    Re: looking to buy new laptop

    If 3D accelleration for gaming is not important to you, we have a 15.4" widescreen Asus A6U notebook that has been used lightly for the past 6 months that we are going to sell. It still has 6 months...
  7. Re: Introducing the Koala Mini - Ubuntu Mini Desktop

    It looks like sytem76 has an extensive lineup, but I thought I'd mention our notebook and SFF offerings in this thread too since people are asking about other options including laptops in this Koala...
  8. New Groovix machines from Open Sense Solutions

    We would to formally announce these new Ubuntu products from Open Sense Solutions:

    1. Groovix GT high performance computers using the Asus A8N-SLI socket 939 motherboard.
    With two PCI-E SLI...
  9. has anyone tried Ubuntu paid support?

    My company is in the final stages of switching all of our offerings from Debian to Ubuntu. We provide paid Ubuntu desktop support ourselves, but we would like some paid support for help with a few...
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    Re: So who's selling desktops?

    Good Question:

    For most people, running 64 bit binaries on their desktop machine isn't worth it because there are no 64 bit versions of some popular programs (like the Flash plugin). Even running...
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    Re: So who's selling desktops?

    We have added some Lini PC options based on your feedback, thanks.

    There are now options for huge (or fast) hard drives, Audigy sound, multiple tv tuners, and...
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    Re: So who's selling desktops?

    Hi benplaut, did you know that $1000 system functions like 3 $600 computers from a user perspective?

    Our $1000 system features 3 simultaneous users, and it is the only system in the world like it...
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    Re: So who's selling desktops? is just starting to offer Ubuntu desktops, our first product will be ready June 1st. Our prices are very reasonable given the high quality hardware we use and our knowledgeable...
  14. Re: Turn one computer into more of them

    Sorry for the confusion mslibrary, here is a direct link to the updated description:
    That includes a DVD, updates, and...
  15. Re: Turn one computer into more of them

    for those who are too busy to do-it-yourself by following a guide like , check out
    my company at for multi-user...
  16. is there a market for ubuntu preinstalled?

    I started Open Sense Solutions back in April of this year before Ubuntu's rapid rise in popularity, and it seems we are duplicating a lot of your work in our goal to create a debian based, stable and...
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