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  1. nOOb: Asus 1005HA not searching for wireless signal.

    Hey, im totally new to this. I dont know what happened, but my asus netbook is no longer searching for wireless signals. I really needed to get online in class tonight but couldnt, had to go to the...
  2. [edubuntu] On Asus 1005HA wireless weaker on UNR than Windows Xp

    Hey gang, so i got into netbooks, got me a snappy Asus 1005, love it. It came with Xp and i quickly downloaded 9.10, wiped the drive and did a fresh install. Wireless/Wired gave me some troubles but...
  3. Where does everything dissapear when i minimize it?

    Ok so i kinda recently installed UNR on my newly acquired Asus netbook. Now i switched to normal desktop mode, netbook remix mode is kinda wierd. So i have both top and bottom panels. Ive been...
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    [other] Dell vostro a90 vs. mini 10v. Thoughts?

    Hey, buying a netbook soon and its going to be a Dell, because well I can get a very nice discount and possibly custom configuration for it, such as more tha 16gb SSD and maybe even 2gig ram from...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Dell 10v Moblin Remix? or something better with UNR

    Yea I totally understand these points.

    Basically at first what i'll be using the netbook for is for grad school. My writing technique and note taking has deteriorated into something that puts...
  6. [ubuntu] Dell 10v Moblin Remix? or something better with UNR

    Hey guys I'm getting back into linux, mainly for netbook sake, getting one real soon. I have some previous experience with linux from late 90's, I saw red hat birth. So if I spend some time it'll...
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