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    [ubuntu] Does UEC Make Sense For this situtuation

    We are a small business looking for a good solution for HA and DR. Currently we are running a vmware/veeam cluster using local storage to handle internal dr issues. We are looking for a good cost...
  2. Re: virtual machines configuration: help with drbd+ha+???

    I'm looking for a similar solution.
    I've been playing with drbd and ha myself.
    My theory (this is only a theory) is drbd and using sun virtual box to run the vms and store them on LVM that is...
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    [ubuntu] Ubuntu Private Cloud vs drbd for windows vm's

    I'm looking to possibly use ubuntu cloud for clustering.
    My main concern is storage clustering for virtual machines and I was wondering if cloud might be the easiest way to go.

    My idea is simply...
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