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    Re: My thoughts on Ubuntu and Canonical

    Sorry you misunderstand me, I don't think towers or desktops will disapear completely but compared to today the will diminish as will become a rarity as the years go by. Emerging markets are still...
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    Re: *Business Buzz Words!*

    I hate acronyms at my place of work more than the buzzwords, converstations just turn into the spouting of letters BKM, POR, ROI, SKU, SME, RCO, EIT, SLA, CPM blah blah blah to name but a few.
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    Re: My thoughts on Ubuntu and Canonical

    Mobile computing is where everything is going, its going to disrupt the PC market as the technology is accepted. This is why Ubuntu is looking at touchscreens and the Unity shell, just like both...
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    Re: The thrill is gone (Mac)

    Macs have never done it for me, expensive style over substance. Some years ago I was forced to use one for work (marketing and advertsing) while it did the job I did not take to it, then I got budget...
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    [ubuntu] Tascam US122 with 12.04

    Hello all, I have a Tascam US122 (older version not MK2) and I am trying to get it working in Ubuntu 12.04 desktop.

    I have got the lights working and the input is showing in ALSA but I can't get...
  6. Re: Any new AMD or faster Intel 3rd Gen i7s coming soon?

    TBH I work for Intel so biased but they are the forerunners at the moment, everybody else is in catchup. I am only loyal to whatever my needs are, I also have AMD and VIA systems running at home!
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Looking for small devise for Linux project

    I agree that Mini ITX is probably your best shot, I would also look at as they are specialists and I have got a lot of my MITX parts from there.

    Raspberry PI is going to be a great...
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    Re: Retro Games..

    Defender on the Atari2600. I used to play it for literally hours and at one point due to the horrible square joystick with the single fire button I managed to rub the skin off the base of my thumb...
  9. Re: Any new AMD or faster Intel 3rd Gen i7s coming soon?

    I work for Intel and I have the new Core i5-3550 which is Ivybridge 22nm architecture on a mini-itx chassis running Ubuntu 12.04. It is running extremely well on a 90w PSU and I am using the supplied...
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    Re: Apple vs Android Manfuactors vs Microsoft

    Android is the biggest threat to Apple at the moment, also MS are launching Win8 later in the year that will influence what they will put onto phones. Why bother going after the current Windows phone...
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    Re: WIll wine ever be perfect?

    WINE is great at what it does but if you need to run Windows software so badly I am sorry to say you need to get a copy of Windows up and running on a PC. Usually most software you want to run in...
  12. Re: Tomorrow is my interview for job . I need some tips

    I have been involved in interviewing employees and hiring them so I have little experience of this.

    First off read the job spec carefully, the panel will be using this as a frame of reference and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu on the Raspberry Pi platform

    I hope it all works out with Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi, I really want to experiment with these little gems but there is still uncertainty if Ubuntu will work on it.
  14. Re: And they wonder why people are ditching windows

    I don't believe people are ditching Windows at any great speed, still most desktop and laptop PCs has MS Windows pre-installed on them. I don't see a rush of people tearing Win7 off their PC to...
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    Re: Four Cores in a Cellphone ?

    That is the problem and why it hasn't been done before, that and heat.
    A lot of the development focus hasn't actually been getting the processor down to the size required but supplying it with...
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    Re: Four Cores in a Cellphone ?

    I still have a 'dumb' phone as I use it as a phone, to make calls etc. I still havent bought a smartphone because I feed I dont need it, they are still too much of a halfwayhouse between a phone and...
  17. Re: Ubuntu on smartphone! - What do you thin about it?

    To descibe mobile computing as a 'non-essential' project is not a wise assumption, and the fact they are looking seriously at mobile computing to me reaffirms my faith in them.

    As stated in my...
  18. Re: Ubuntu on smartphone! - What do you thin about it?

    Next year will see a desktop PC chipset in a phone, that will mean ANY OS capable of running on a desktop PC or laptop will be able to run on a phone, this is happening and this is why we have things...
  19. Re: Internet responsible for 2 per cent of global energy usage.

    To be fair I dont think thats too bad considering how much buzzing power-hungry electrical equipment keeps the web going, also take into consideration because of the net people are travelling less by...
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    Poll: Re: Years old to start playing console?

    My dad had a console (Atari 2600) when they came out, I wasnt allowed to play it until a lot later, I think the mid-80s when I was about 8. Weird thing is I didn't mind, I was too busy playing...
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    Re: John McCarthy dies too!

    Sad news indeed :(
  22. Re: Microsoft Corp. Casio Computer Co. Ltd sign patent cross-licensing agreement

    Lot of anti-Mircosoft banter here but they are not the only villians of the piece:
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    Re: Is this the right room for an argument?

    It's merely a flesh wound
  24. Re: Microsoft Suing Manufacturers For Using Linux. Does This Affect You?

    Unfortunately a good proportion of the top tech companies are in a cycle of perpetual patent lawsuits with each other at the moment, there has always being suing and conter-suing but of recent times...
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    Re: Windows 7 Surpasses XP In Usage

    Doesnt suprise me one bit, Win 7 has been a pleasent suprise to me. I still use Ubuntu at home but at work I use Windows 7 which works lovely and MS seem to have heeded the lessons from the past and...
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