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  1. Ubuntu One for Windows doesn't upload anything


    I have two problems with the Windows version of Ubuntu One:

    Files which are added to a folder which is synched with Ubuntu One are ignored under Windows
    The "ubuntuonesynchdaemon.exe"...
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    [all variants] Re: AMD/Intel Hybrid Graphics works !

    Thanks for the guide. At least it works for now. I am using an HP Pavilion dv6-6102sg with Intel Core I5 2430 CPU (including intel HD 3000 graphics) and an AMD Radeon HD 6770M graphics adapter.

  3. [ubuntu] Re: System doesn't boot after installation

    I cannot change the order of individual drives in the BIOS, I can only change the order in which it looks for a possibility to boot.

    Even when I put USB Sticks & Drives in front of the...
  4. [ubuntu] System doesn't boot after installation

    I've tried to install Ubuntu 11.10 from a 64-bit Desktop CD onto an external harddrive, /dev/sdb during installation. When I was asked where I want the bootloader installed I chose /dev/sdb's master...
  5. [ubuntu] Problems connecting Samsung YP-S3 Ogg Vorbis Player


    since I had I accidently gave my last Ogg Vorbis player a ride in the washing machine I bought a new one - Samsung, same as last. But somehow udev does not seem to handle it correctly,...
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