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  1. [ubuntu] In Unity is there a way to make a window stay on top of all other windows?

    Whenever I want to watch something and do something else at the same time I will pop it onto another monitor, but sometimes when I dont have two monitors, I would like to have the video window...
  2. [ubuntu] Different audio outputs for different users simultaneously?

    I have x11 forwarding with ssh working amazingly. The only problem I have is audio. If I have 2 users logged into the same workstation at the same time I dont know how to forward the audio for each...
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    Re: Ubuntu and Win games on Wine

    I can play Portal 2 (or any source game for that matter) and Company of Heroes better than I could in Windows 7, but I think that might be due to the fact that windows can get clogged up with crap...
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    Xbox 360 controller in Wine on Ubuntu

    From what I understand wine doesnt support xbox controllers yet. But, when I plugged my wired one in today I tried using it in portal 2, and it actually ALMOST worked 100%. In the native steam...
  5. [ubuntu] No panels show up in unity or gnome after updating some software.

    Before updating to Raring I updated everything else on ubuntu 12.10, after i rebooted my computer everything loaded except the unity panels, I could open a terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T, but the window...
  6. [ubuntu] Twinview is causing all games to launch in my tiniest monitor.

    I have twinview setup, but recently one of my larger monitors died, so I started using a small 800x600 monitor temporarily. It is my left-most monitor, and for some reason, every time I launch a...
  7. Re: Alienware in the US sells gaming PCs with Ubuntu

    Horrible prices, but great news! All my steam games run through wine, some run way better than they did on Windows. Glad to see Linux gaming is getting alot better.
  8. Re: How can I use the analog sticks in a wii classic controller to move mouse [wminpu

    Well I solved my own problem. I didn't read the following:

    From If anyone is interested.
  9. How can I use the analog sticks in a wii classic controller to move mouse [wminput]

    I learned today that wine has really advanced since I last had ubuntu, my entire steam library works in Ubuntu. I have wminput installed and it's working great. I have portal 2 working amazingly, ...
  10. Unable to find a source package for unity error.

    I am trying to get unity to compile from source, but when i run:

    $ sudo apt-get build-dep unity
    I get the following error:

    E: Unable to find a source package for unity

    There is virtually...
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