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  1. Re: Howto: Download Word docs as PDF's, rtf's or latex from firefox

    Firefox is probably trying to load the file through the proxy. I'm not sure how to avoid that. I actually haven't used this trick in a few years (that post was from '06).
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    Re: Turn off (mute) system beep

    This only works in X. You can add those lines to your .xinitrc or .xsession
    (not .bashrc)

    Sorry, I should have clarified that orrigionally, but I didn't figure it out untill later.
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    Re: Turn off (mute) system beep

    stupid question- your sound works everywhere else right? I think that terminal beep in the gnome terminal is based on the sound system (as aposed to the pc speaker).

    I think in gnome's sound...
  4. Synergy- Two computers one keyboard and mouse

    Synergy -two computers, one mouse.

    Itís quite common knowlege that using two monitors increases productivity. Anyone who has used two monitors, be it for writing a paper, programming or playing...
  5. Howto: Download Word docs as PDF's, rtf's or latex from firefox

    All my proffessors post their sylabi and documents online as word documents, I hate downloading them because I have to fire up a word processor just to read a short document.

    wvware is a command...
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    Re: question about linux on old computer

    Xubuntu is way too much overhead for 64mb ram. Your best bet is to do a server install of ubuntu, then, once loged into a terminal, type

    sudo apt-get install gdm x-window-system-core xterm icewm...
  7. Re: In desperate need of statistics help... data reduction

    It's quite easy to use the compute function to create a new variable. Then you can simply click each variable and sum them up. This will create a new variable with the above properties.

    I cant...
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    Re: Turn off (mute) system beep

    It appears to turn it off temporarily (I've been using it just when in the library). I suppose if you put it in a script to be run on bootup, you could make it perminent. I will have to put...
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    Turn off (mute) system beep

    For anyone with a laptop who works in a library or other quiet area, system beeps every time you press the backspace key one too many times, or just using emacs, can be quite disturbing.

    To shut...
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    Ubuntu Promotion Materials

    Yesterday, I finaly recieved my Breezy CD's (ordered when breezy was released in october). They were in a majorly mangled package, with an attached notice from Canada Post indicating that some of...
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    Re: Strategically speaking...

    Linux is not about being a maverick or going against the grain, it's about morality, education, knowledge and learning. It just so happens that most of the computer industry cares little about...
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