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  1. Re: HOWTO: Set maximum CPU consumption in percentage by any process

    Don't limit root processes. When I tried to limit Xorg process via
    gnome-terminal, system hanged(ubuntu 12.04).
    Please add "root" to white list as below
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    [SOLVED] Re: record my desktop in Unity?

    Try to record a window. For me this problem is coming only when I try to record desktop as a whole. (ubuntu 10.04 -, Unity 2D desktop, amd graphics card)
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Creating a Firewall for Your Ubuntu Desktop

    Leopard Flower personal firewall for Linux (LPFW) gives the user control over which applications are allowed to use the network and is very easy to setup. Detailed steps are shown below

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    [SOLVED] Re: Can not enable bluetooth after rfkill

    Bluetooth not identified(cannot be enable) on resume with bluetooth blocked before suspend(solved)
    When the system suspended with bluetooth blocked , on wake up bluetooth was not identified.
    I had...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: No more GUI (X server) after updating 12.04, running on AMD Fusion (Radeon HD 631

    I have successfully installed graphics driver but by bluetooth is facing problem it is not identified in new kernel.
  6. [other] Re: Bluetooth adapter shows in dmesg but not lspci or lsusb?

    On Toshiba satellite L640 for Ubuntu 12.04 (precise) 32-bit
    Problem is coming with kernel 3.2.0-24-generic-pae but not with kernel 3.2.0-23-generic-pae
  7. [ubuntu] Re: No more GUI (X server) after updating 12.04, running on AMD Fusion (Radeon HD 631

    I too had same experience. I had installed amd graphics driver from AMD site(amd-driver-installer-12.6-legacy-x86.x86_64). After upgrading kernel, gui desktop was not coming. It was showing "user...
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    [ubuntu] Re: AMD Testing use only watermark?

    Though AMD driver is showing watermark power consumption of my laptop came down by around 2 Watts when compared to driver installed via system settings>additional hardware drivers.
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    Re: clrscr() and gotoxy() in gcc

    int lasti=0,lastj=0;
    void goback(int x,int y)
    void gotoxy(int x,int y)
  10. [ubuntu] Re: how to run tata photon+ in ubuntu 9.04

    you have to install the driver first, before using wvdial or ppp. Some models have installer present in it (linux installer).
  11. [all variants] Security of common folders (Documents, Pictures, Videos, Downloads)

    It will be better to rename folder in home which are common to all linux like- documents, pictures, videos. If you want to try out a unknown script or program and that particular script contains...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: bluetooth keyboard & mouse not working after suspend

    In Satellite L640 (AMD athlon II processor --ubuntu amd x64) problem is not coming after disabling multi-coring for CPU.
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