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    [SOLVED] Re: Will the following work?

    I don't see why not? I assume the Ubuntu partition will be / right? That's fine, just mark it bootable.
    Place the bootloader in /dev/sda. Did Windows XP really create just 1 partition?
  2. Re: Booting issues in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise after an update

    Go to Software Sources and go to the Updates tab, you have an option at the bottom if you want to prevent future updates of Ubuntu. "Notify me of a new version of Ubuntu" with a dropdown menu.
  3. Re: Some Desktop Effects Not Working on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

    Check to see if the shortcuts are even the same as when you last used them. Some of mine aren't different (like Super+D).
    You may also want to check out CCSM, but be careful! It can break things....
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    Sticky: [other] Re: Laptop INCOMPATIBILITY List.

    HP Envy 15 (2nd gen) 3040nr:
    I would say anything HP Envy of all 3 gens will have the same issues.
    I've tried Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 12.10, Arch, Opensuse 12.2, Fedora 17, Linux Mint 13, and so on....
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    Re: Our World game & Flash Plugin crash

    Try using Google Chrome and take advantage of its built-in Flash. After installing Chrome, type "about:plugins" in the omnibox, click Details, and you will see two plugins for flash. Disable the one...
  6. Re: If u encrypt ur home, can an attacker boot into a root console & get ur data

    I mean, a guy from the CIA can probably do that. But Ubuntu encompasses a good amount of servers, so I'd say you'll be just fine.
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    Re: First Ubuntu Phone OEM?

    I would think probably Samsung. They seem to be trying to get bigger into the market themselves.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Raring alternate iso?

    There are alternative downloads for Lubuntu, but I don't see any for Ubuntu. Sorry :(
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    [ubuntu] Re: WHat is the most secure email service?

    Thunderbird is very well maintained and receives security patches from Mozilla, the developers of Firefox. I would couple that with Adblock+.
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    [gnome] Re: Can't get a stable gnome-shell

    What graphics card(s) do you have? That could be a problem with Gnome Shell and graphics.
  11. Re: Debian Stable takes long time to shutdown

    Shutting down is proper protocol in order to maintain the computer's longevity.

    And try updating when you first turn on the computer, because keeping fakeroot temporarily enabled will prompt your...
  12. Re: How to install torrent client in Ubuntu 12.04 ?

    Transmission is good, but you can also try transmission-qt
    uTorrent can run very well through wine, but that can be unnecessary.
  13. Re: Dual Booting goes straight to Windows 7. No OS choice given.

    Try installing to /dev/sda not /dev/sda1. If you cannot, then you might have problems.
    Also, make sure that an Ubuntu partition is actually flagged as bootable.
  14. Re: How is it possible, that I can install only Ubuntu distros

    You might have to wait for NEW versions of those OSes. For example, try Linux Mint 15 when it comes out. Arch should have installed with no issue, double check the install guide. In fact, try the...
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    [PPC] Power PC support?

    Hi, will Power PC support remain for much longer? I don't know if there are very many PPC users around still.
    However, maybe the resources used on maintaining PPC can be used to "crack" through the...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu one not uploading file - android

    Also, double check that you didn't accidentally unsync the ubuntu one folder. Give it time too, in case Officesuite pro 7 is a large folder.
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    [ubuntu] Re: removing a local folder from U-1

    You can add for folders to sync, make a folder called whatever you want and sync it.
  18. Thread: clamtk

    by tancrackers

    [ubuntu] Re: clamtk

    Linux OSes run on ~75+% of servers. Linux OSes have been proven to be more secure. Also, since there aren't any viruses out in the wild, the open source community has the advantage that it can in...
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    Re: Oneiric Ocelot 11.10 Wallpaper

    That would've been great to include by default!
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Move Window Control To The Left on Oneiric Gnome-Shell?

    Download gconf-editor and go to desktop, gnome, shell, windows, button and the setting should be something similar to :close,maximize,minimize. Change it to close,minimize,maximize:
    In other words,...
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    [other] Make clean command?

    When compiling things from source, you generally do cd whatever, .configure, make, sudo make install.
    But what about make clean? Should you use it? What is it for? Should I use it for Docky?
  22. [ubuntu] Is it normal that I HAVE sound without Pulseaudio?

    I disabled PulseAudio on startup (for gnome and kde) on Ubuntu Maverick and I STILL have sound. Is that normal?
    Also, what is gsettings data conversion and is it safe to disable at startup?
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    [lubuntu] Requesting firmware, but it is there!

    So I am i686 Lucid Ubuntu on a Toshiba Satellite and my wireless randomly drops.
    Wireless card: Intel wifi link 5100 (of course the millionth person!!!)
    My wireless conncetion randomly drops!
  24. Re: Can these .deb Ubuntu drivers work on Debian?

  25. Can these .deb Ubuntu drivers work on Debian?

    I'm thinking about dual booting Ubuntu Lucid and Debian squeeze, or moving over to Debian. (both 64-bit) Can these drivers work on Debian? (they come in .tgz packages, but the drivers are .deb
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