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  1. [other] Real time virtualization help for new desktop?

    Hey all,
    I am planning on building my own computer here this summer, and I would like to pack it full of as much processing power and memory as a desktop these days can hold. I have this idea for my...
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    Good Wiki or Forum for Hardware Hacking?

    Hey all,
    I am looking for a forum or Wiki or some sort of community-esque website that is devoted to hacking various forms of hardware from cell phones, to printers, to anything with a cpu and some...
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    [ubuntu] Grub 2 multi boot with two hard drives?

    Hey all, I have this laptop that I want to install Ubuntu on as well as Windows 8 Beta and maybe backtrack or openBSD. Not sure exactly how many its gonna be but the point is it will more than two...
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    Programming for Kinect on Linux

    Hey all, merry christmas!
    I have just received a microsoft kinect for christmas and I have heard whispers that it is possible to hook it up to linux and program for it on there. How do I do this,...
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    How to win Unknown Horizons?

    Hey all, I just started playing unknown horizons, and I was wondering, in multiplayer, how do you win? I have been playing for about two hours now, and I see no clear end to this. I have amassed and...
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    [other] Best Netbook for Remix and Injection?

    Hey all,
    I'm thinking of buying a netbook to toy around with on linux and to do some pentesting with. I need some help on which would be best for linux (most hardware supported out of the box...
  7. [all variants] Re: Fast Secure Way To Network Mac Windows and Linux on Wireless Network?

    Wow possibly the most thorough answer I've ever gotten on this forum. I'm gonna go get on this, thanks!
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    [ubuntu] Best way to restore system to one OS?

    Hey all, i have a laptop which, at the moment is tri booting backtrack, ubuntu, and Win7. The boot loader is grub. My issue is i need to get the laptop back to just windows (dont worry im not leaving...
  9. [all variants] Fast Secure Way To Network Mac Windows and Linux on Wireless Network?

    Hey all, i have 4 computers at the moment on my wireless network that i would like to wire together in some groovy way to allow me to access any of the other computers hard drives from any computer....
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    [other] Wine type software, but for mac support?

    is there a program like wine that give the user the ability to run mac apps on linux? If not why? is it harder to do or something?
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    [ubuntu] python minimal or python all?

    Hey all I want to install python 3.1 on my buntu box so I can start learning how to program for it, and I am wondering what the differences are between the two packages in the repo. Which would be...
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    [ubuntu] picture slideshow desktop?

    Hey all,

    I just installed ubuntu 10.10 in a VM and went to change my desktop to something less boring and brown. I see in the desktop wallpaper program that there are certain photos that are in...
  13. [ubuntu] How to make sure network data transfer is encrypted?

    Hey all, I am routing my network stuff through a vpn which claims my data is being encrypted via SSL. How can I check if my network data is in fact encrypted. Like all of it, not just http stuff. If...
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    [ubuntu] Re: FOSS Reverse Engineering Program for Linux

    does anyone know of anything more robust that is open source?

    (btw imaginary beer for both of you lovely gentlemen)
  15. Thread: 7 Proxies?

    by cgb223

    [ubuntu] 7 Proxies?

    Hey all, I was having an interesting conversation with a friend of mine involving some jesting remarks about "hacking." he made a joke about how he was safe no matter what he did because he was...
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    [ubuntu] FOSS Reverse Engineering Program for Linux

    I am looking for a free and/or open source equivalent of IDA Pro or SoftICE for ubuntu. Preferably with some good documentation behind it so I can figure it out quick.

    Imaginary beer for the...
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    [all variants] Re: Installing stardict dictionaries.

    Bump for the Spanish dictionary link or other good program alternative
  18. [ubuntu] What is a hash and how do I make and use one in Ubuntu?

    Hey all this might be in the wrong forum area, but it sounds security-ish so if its not I apologize. But in light of the whole PS3 lawsuit thing againt a guy who released a hash of a PS3 key, I'm...
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    [ubuntu] FOSS Music Production Software and TutorIals?

    Hey all,
    I want to learn how to make techno and how to dj, and want to take the open source route to it.

    Is there any good FOSS software to produce music with or dj?
    Are there any good tutorials...
  20. [ubuntu] Difference between a port and another version of the software?

    This might be a weird question, but I am very confuzzled over it so bear with me:

    What is the difference between a port and just a version of some software for another OS?
    like why would I...
  21. [ubuntu] Good book to explain essentials of linux to non Geek?


    I have a friend who wants to learn more about the core stuff in linux. By this he means essential commands (in terminal), a bit of programming, and other such basics that come with a nixbox....
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    [ubuntu] Burn Movie files with subtitles to DVD?

    Hey all,
    I have a few movies in avi and mkv format that have subtitles that go with them and want to burn them. The subtitles are within the mkv's and avi's (although some media players dont...
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    [ubuntu] Setup computer to be a network storage box

    Hey all,
    I have an old laptop here with a big hard drive that I want to hook up to my wifi as some sort of box that can be connected to by multiple users to store files on and stream media and other...
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    [ubuntu] how to install .patch file?

    Hi I have a program that has a patch that will add functionality to said program that I would like. After googling a little I find that all the answers are related to .diff files. This is a .patch....
  25. [ubuntu] Re: boot screen is huge and ugly after installing proprietary graphics drivers

    wow... let me try this again...

    forgive me, been up all night trying to finish up a program I'm writing.
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