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  1. Re: Did I pet a donkey or a mule today - see picture from my cell phone camera

    Based on the description here, it's a donkey. Note the exceptionally long, black tipped ears and the shoulder stripe.
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    Re: What printer do you have?

    Epson WorkForce 545 all-in-one. No problems with printing. For scanning, the feeder doesn't work with Simple Scan, so I use the panel controls and save to a memory card or use the Epson scanning...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Is it possible to access the root area of an Android phone from Ubuntu?

    ADB will work, if you're comfortable with the command line and all you need to do is move a few files back and forth. I could be wrong, but I was making the assumption that the OP wanted file browser...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Is it possible to access the root area of an Android phone from Ubuntu?

    OK, let's start at the beginning. Getting access to an Android device's root storage from a PC is a bit complicated.

    In newer versions of Android (including CM11), the default file access is...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Is it possible to access the root area of an Android phone from Ubuntu?

    You also need to be sure your phone is connected to the computer in USB debugging mode. That option should be available when you plug your phone into the computer.

    If you've rooted your phone but...
  6. Re: Looking for file indexing search utility (GUI)

    There's two that I know of in active development, Tracker and Recoll. Tracker is tightly integrated into the Gnome desktop (it's on by default in Gome Shell), but the search options may not as...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Convert APE Monkey Files to Flac

    I haven't had good luck with APE files and Sound Converter, but ffmpeg always worked for me.

    $ ffmpeg -i input_file_name.ape output_file_name.flac
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    Re: Lite, speedy version of Ubuntu?

    There are distros designed for very old machines that are even lighter, but Lubuntu is your best low-resource option amongst the 'buntus. Depending on your level of Linux experience you could also...
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    Re: Buying a new laptop/notebook....

    Dell XPS 13 Developer's Edition (with Ubunu preinstalled):
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    Re: Mouse recommendation

    I use an M500, similar to the M705 but wired. I really like the hyperscroll myself, but if it's not to your liking it can be turned off easily with a button click. I think I paid $16 for a factory...
  11. Re: computer backup question: Online vs External HD

    I use two USB hard drives: one that stays connected to my computer for nightly backups and one that I keep at the office and bring home for weekly backups. My most important files are also on...
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    Re: Installing OneDrive on Ubuntu - problems

    Did you cd to the the onedrive-d-future directory? Your command prompt should look something like this:


    If you're in the right directory then try the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 15.04 from magazine disk

    John, you can find detailed instructions for changing boot options here or here.
  14. Re: Which version to install on old Dell Latitude D520

    I recently tried out several lightweight graphical browser for a project I was working on and rather liked Dillo. Again, as DuckHook said, keeping expectations realistic is a necessity when exploring...
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    Re: Is it GNU/Linux, or just Linux???

    sudo apt-get install vrms ;)
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    Re: What are your choice cloud services?

    At the end of the day, if you're going to use a cloud host you have to take responsibility for your data security. That means accepting that your provider may have a security breach or that you may...
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    Re: What are your choice cloud services?

    Yes. Windows, Linux and OS X.

    As someone who uses three computers regularly, services like Dropbox are invaluable because they will sync anything. For example, I keep my keypass database, homebank...
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    Re: WiFi for Desktop PC...How?

    This is what I am using, it's been flawless in both Debian and Ubuntu and doesn't cost much. Chipset is Atheros Communications, Inc. AR9271.
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    Re: Ultrabook needed for school!

    acedia2, I didn't notice you mentioned discrete graphics. It's very uncommon to find discrete graphics in an ultrabook and (as oldfred posted) Intel graphics have improved a great deal and are now...
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    Re: Ultrabook needed for school!

    You're going to have a hard time finding those specs for under $1,000 (unless you shop around for a sale or buy an older model). If I was buying today I'd get the Dell XPS-13 Developer Edition (with...
  21. [SOLVED] Re: What's the difference between Edge, Two-finger and Circular scrolling?

    Circular scrolling was a common option on older laptops before multi-touch touchpads became common. It's been mostly superseded by two finger scrolling.
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    [ubuntu] Re: 15.04 to Windows Workgroup

    Have you tried connecting to the share using it's IP address instead of the share name? Connecting to Windows shares via the share name has always been flaky for me, I've had much better luck with IP...
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    Re: LibreOffice Looks...

    arsenic-creed, based on your screenshot you appear to be missing the GTK integration package. Install the libreoffice-gtk package from your package manager or from the command line:

    sudo apt-get...
  24. [SOLVED] Re: syslog not updating after upgrade to 15.04

    I can't confirm as I'm not at my 15.04 system right now, but I do believe the missing syslog file is due to systemd. The systemd equivalent is journalctl. Lots of good information on the systemd...
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    Re: Do any of you still have a netbook?

    A Stream 11 is essentially a netbook. Same size, same price point, without the tainted netbook moniker. Low-power processors are much better and now and Windows 8 runs pretty well on low resource...
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