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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Clicking on close, minimize or maximize does nothing in apps.

    This problem would be related to whatever window manager your friend is using, not the desktop environment. He is probably using compiz, which gave me some problems with my machine. I installed...
  2. [other] Re: ipad 2 restriction password recovery with Ubuntu ?

    Yes, without a backup, the only way to get rid of the 4 digit pin is to run a restore from a computer with iTunes installed. Luckily for you, at least that WILL solve your problem.
  3. Re: Looking for start-up advice in App Development
  4. Re: Quickly (program) development for different OSes

    Just make sure that all OSes you're hoping to support are able to use the language you chose to build the application in. Python would be a good choice. You can use Glade to develop the user...
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    Re: looking for a php development tool

    This is more of a personal preference. You can use a simple text editor to write php applications, but an IDE may offer you more helpful features. There are quite a few out there that are used for...
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