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    Re: How about a BIG thank you?

    Thanks indeed.
  2. $99 ARM-based PC running Ubuntu or Android.

    [...]Compulab (maker of the MintBox, Fit-PC, and Tegra-based Trim Slice) promises to deliver rich multimedia and PC-like user experience. Utilite will be available next month in single, dual, and...
  3. Re: How many packages does Debian have? and Arch?

    Debian has more packages in the official repos. The AUR is awesome....but it is a bit of a crapshoot...kinda like PPAs in Ubuntu. It is a community maintained repository and thus you can run into...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Bonobo extreme extremely expensive

    Looks like they ran out of Nvidia 670s and are now installing 680s by default. That would definitely account for a big price spike.
  5. Re: Paid Linux software - open or closed source. Recommendations?

    A few excellent (depending on your profession) paid programs that run on Linux include:

    Guitar Pro (editor for guitar/bass tablature)
    Illumination Software Creator (tool for visually designing...
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    Re: Marvellous May Screenshot Thread

    12.04 with a little Awesome and a bit of conky.
  7. Re: How much proprietary software does Ubuntu contain?

    How is protecting their trademark denying you freedom?

    You are "free" to remove all shopping lenses from Unity. You are also "free" to use other software centers other than the Ubuntu...
  8. Re: New kickstarter for Linux 2.0 Documentary

    I don't think Revolution OS is dated. It covers the early days of GNU/Linux quite well. It's just Linux has advanced so much since the making of the film. But even if this guy makes a more...
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    Re: Dependency Hell

    It's a very rare occurrence when using package managers like apt and yum. Now building from run into dependency problems all the time doing that. Just do a search for "dependency hell"...
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    Re: favourite distros

    Some of the older and more popular distros that you may want to familiarize yourself with are OpenSuse, Fedora, Debian, Slackware, Arch, and Gentoo. The installation process for Arch and...
  11. Re: What's wrong with the new Nautilus?

    For an alternative to Nautilus, give Marlin a try. It's quite nice. Thunar (file manager for the XFCE desktop) is worth looking at too.
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    Re: What File Manager?

    Plenty of good alternatives to Nautilus...Marlin, Dolphin, Thunar, SpaceFM, PCManFM...and there also plenty of good command line file managers as well. For a recommendation though, I quite like...
  13. Poll: Re: How many window managers do you have installed?

    Unity (my default these days)
    Gnome 3
    Openbox (my former lover)
  14. Re: Dell Ubuntu Developer Notebook review...

    Looks like it is using Intel HD 4000 graphics.
  15. Re: Dell Ubuntu Developer Notebook review...

    Looks like a great machine but kinda pricey. I think I could get better value from System76 or Apple (don't flame me! :D ).
  16. Re: You have choice - if you have the right hardware!

    Over the years, I've learned to stick with buying components from companies with good Linux support (HP printers and accesories, Nvidia GPUs) and stay away from those with bad or non-existent...
  17. Re: How many PPAs do you have enabled ?

    A few...the ones probably many of you also have...VirtualBox, Steam, Opera, playdeb, etc.
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    Re: Lubuntu - so fast :O

    Lubuntu has rescued several really old machines for me. I have 12.04 running on two machines that are a decade old now.
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    Re: Cairo-Dock is fantastic!

    I use Unity as my main desktop, but when I use a non-Unity derivative/distro I always install Cairo Dock. Works great in KDE, XFCE, and even LXDE/openbox. Even as a user that (usually) has no need...
  20. Re: Getting another computer, what Os should i try now?

    Not sure what you are after...but...

    Like openbox distros? Give Crunchbang and Archbang a try.

    Like KDE distros? Sabayon and Chakra are worth checking out.

    Want a distro that is going its...
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    Re: Bloated since Intrepid Ibex?

    If by bloated, you mean the amount of disc space used...then everything is bloated minus server installs and extreme minimalist installs.
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    Poll: Re: ATI or NVIDIA?

    If you are need of high performance with proprietary drivers (are you a gamer?), then you really need to go with NVIDIA.
  23. Re: OS with GNOME or Unity for low mem. setups

    The only full desktop environment you could run on something with so little RAM is maybe LXDE (try Lubuntu out). Or you might have to go with a window manager like Openbox (Crunchbang or Archbang...
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    Re: What can Windows do that Linux can't?

    Botnet zombies?
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    Re: how necessary is Conky?

    If you are in need of constant system monitoring, conky is useful. It's quite nice if you are on a multi-monitor setup as you can dedicate a screen to it. But, in general, conky is not necessary.
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