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    Re: Running Battlefield 2 server on Ubuntu?

    I run BF2 1.2 dedicated with no problems in ubuntu. Let me know if you need help setting it up. Just PM me.
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    Re: Battlefield 2 - Dedicated Server

    Yes, I'm runing BF2-1.2 dedicated just fine. Sounds like you need to do this..

    sudo apt-get install build-essential

    As long as you have all the dependencies, the server itself is very easy...
  3. Poll: Re: HOWTO : Create a FTP server with user access (proftpd)

    Hello frodon,

    First off - as everyone has pointed out - excellent howto. I at first tried the gproftpd gui option, but wasnt all that impressed and decided to go the other option. After some...
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    Re: HOWTO: Install Windows XP/2000 in VMWare Player

    I keep getting this error:

    The network bridge on device /dev/vmnet0 is temporarily down because the bridged Ethernet interface is down. The virtual machine may not be able to communicate with the...
  5. Re: HOWTO: Make start in just a couple of seconds

    same difference in load time. ~5 sec each. if it was taking your 30 seconds to load OOo, then you need a new system, IMO.
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    Re: HOW-TO: Make your

    Man! awesome thread. Looks so much better!!! Thanks for all your work on those themes.
  7. Re: HOWTO: Side Buttons in Both Nautilus and Firefox

    another quick "thanks" for a great post. this worked like a charm for my wireless intellimouse explorer 2.0
  8. Re: HOWTO: Add SATA support for bootup ntfs mounting

    According to the list above, it looks like you need a different module.
  9. HOWTO: Add SATA support for bootup ntfs mounting

    I know I'm not the only one who has this type of config: ATA/133 drive hosting hoary, SATA drive hosting WinXP (On a Dell if you must know, so ATA/133 is considered master of this config.)

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