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    [SOLVED] Re: Explain umask please?

    umask is like a filter they run permissions through. So full permissions is 777 and then the subtract the umask from it so a umask of 022 gives you a default of 755 (777 - 022)
  2. Re: ubuntu 13.04 64bit video card recommendation for gaming

    I'd go nvidia but all of your requirements sound like you're not really looking for a gaming card at all. $50 and low profile is basically the exact opposite of a gaming card. Anyway, if you're just...
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    [SOLVED] Re: how to disable all password prompts

    The settings you changed in your original post is for connecting to your computer remotely (from another computer)... I would change those settings back.

    Then, like the person said a few posts up,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How do i Block sniffers over LAN

    How did you find out someone is using a packet sniffer? Also, are you using a switched network or wireless?

    A switched network is more difficult to sniff, they generally have to do a man in the...
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    Re: Ubuntu on Dell XPS 13

    Sad thing is, I'd actually like an updated XPS 13 Dev Edition. Keep the price about the same and upgrade to the newest processor and I'd be in... or lower the price on the current hardware.
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    Re: Ubuntu Noobie

    No problem, the group idea is definitely the best bet, I just wasn't sure how much work you wanted to put in to it :P

    Happy coding!
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    Re: Ubuntu Noobie

    Just use sudo to create a directory inside /var/www and then you can change the permissions on that.

    sudo mkdir /var/www/mydirectory

    Then you can change permissions so you can write to it,...
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    Re: Could use some advice on web-programming

    What is it you don't like about PHP? I'd look in to using a template engine (twig, smarty) or even a full PHP framework (Symfony, CakePHP).

    As you noticed with Rails, most of the frameworks have a...
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    Re: Ubuntu on Dell XPS 13

    Yeah, I heard it is still available in other regions but for some reason the US site won't sell it directly to you. They offer up Windows versions instead.
  10. [SOLVED] Re: How to use my own python function in a SQLite WHERE clause?

    Are you running this inside of a python program/script or trying to query directly?

    Running it in python, I'd do something like that:

    chinese_date = MyOwnModule.ChineseDate('兔年八月十五')...
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    Re: Ubuntu on Dell XPS 13

    It seems you can't purchase the XPS 13 Dev Edition directly off their site anymore. Maybe it'll still work if you call them. There used to be a purchase button but now it just says to call their...
  12. [SOLVED] Re: Refresh file manager directory window

    I just use the keyboard. CTRL+R does it.
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    Re: Is there something I'm missing about virtualbox?

    Pretty sure I installed it through the software center. I definitely didn't go through some long process.
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    Re: Things that you dislike in Ubuntu

    I do agree with this, though a lot of newer 3rd party applications are getting really nice icons. (Polly for example)
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    Re: What Email Service do you Guys Use?

    Personal Gmail and a Google Apps account with my own domain for professional stuff.
  16. Re: Cat5e or Cat6? Which one to choose so as to get reliable network connection

    All you need is 5e, it is just as reliable and will run just as fast as 6 on a gigabit network. On the other hand, if you can get Cat 6 for similar prices, you might as well use it.
  17. Re: using same install disc on multiple computers (Windows)

    As far as using an OEM disc that comes with your computer, yes it will only install on that specific model of computer. It isn't JUST for that specific computer though.

    For the retail (or system...
  18. Re: Boot ubuntu from VHD - any ideas how to set it up?

    The best bet really would be something similar to what I have on my Mac. I have OS X and Windows both installed directly on the drive. When I'm in OS X, though, I can just open up VMWare and boot...
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    [SOLVED] Re: skype not working properly

    Can you hear audio from other applications? Just making sure it isn't just a simple sound issue on your end.
  20. Re: Format to NTFS in order to install W7

    Just delete the partitions and then continue. You don't need to create the new ones and format it, the installer takes care of the rest.
  21. Re: Format to NTFS in order to install W7

    The Win 7 installer should be able to wipe the current drive and format it for you. Might just need to go in to an advanced/custom mode.
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu + Windows 8 > mirroring failure >Unknown Filesystem grub rescue

    Ahhh, I guess I read it wrong. As long as one of your drives still has the windows install and just the boot record is messed up, it should be "fixable."
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu + Windows 8 > mirroring failure >Unknown Filesystem grub rescue

    If you set up your ubuntu install to mirror over to the windows disk, just a boot repair isn't going to fix it. You're going to have to completely reinstall Windows from a CD, which should re-write...
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    Re: Humble Indie Bundle 9

    I'm in!
  25. Re: [US] Lo-$ Choice for GSM/SMS for Alarm System?

    Depending on what exactly you are wanting to do, can get you some dirt cheap cell service for small stuff like this.
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