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  1. Re: A close call a long time ago with ubuntu and the terminal

    I think the terminology is fine. The very first time I installed Linux (looong ago) I knew exactly what `use entire disk` meant. I do not see how you can get confused between disks and partitions. ...
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    Re: Apache OpenOffice / LibreOffice

    Yes but in favour of LibreOffice.
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    Re: Well well well, convergent Windows.

    I think Microsoft should not try to compete at all. Just look at the market everyone gets Android phones because now they know how to use them, they work. I think at this point in time, it would be...
  4. Re: A close call a long time ago with ubuntu and the terminal

    I would say the blame rests on the users. If they just blindly go and type in those commands, it's their fault for not first researching what they are doing. It takes 5 minutes on a search engine...
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    Re: Well well well, convergent Windows.

    I wonder if Microsoft can actually get it right? On a desktop I don't want to see any pretty pastel colors nor do I want to see any animated panels.

    Of course this would make the switch appaling...
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    Re: UK goverment on ODF

    It's strange they moved to ODF when they paid Microsoft a few million to extend Windows XP for another year for public sector workers.

    Now they have moved to ODF it would be easy to switch to...
  7. Re: Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8 - How to Replace?!

    Your question is not very clear, but why not just install Ubuntu over Windows XP? A USB CD Drive will work if the netbook has no Optical Drive itself. If this is support, it probably should go in...
  8. Re: are you often around people who use mac, or who use windows ?

    My wife uses a Mac and personally I enjoy using it too and sure I use Windows at work. I like using all three of them (but Linux more) :P
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    Poll: Re: Beating Gmail and the rest

    I never understand people's needs for total 'privacy' on the internet. It is a public space used by hundreds of millions a day. Gone are the days when you are 'elite' for having a 15kbs dial-up...
  10. Re: Linux file system Ext4, makes Hard drive work too hard?

    It is not just Barracuda drives, my Seagate drive sometimes makes a 'clicking' sound during / after writing data (copying files etc). Not all the time, but it's normal too.

    I never trust so...
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    Re: Ubuntu turning into WINDOWS???

    Except OS X allows you to customize the dock to your liking, left, bottom, right, 3D or not (via cmd line). Unity just sticks you with a left hand panel and refuses to allow you to change it.
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    Re: Deepin 2014 (Final)

    *looks at right menubar*

    Lots of wasted space, too wide. The big chunky buttons would be good on a touchscreen though I guess, that's where that huge menubar would come in handy.

    Also looks...
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    Re: Why should I use Ubuntu?

    Last time I used Fedora (I think 19 or 20) it refused to accept the password given in the installer. After doing some configuration I managed to get in, but I pretty much stopped using it after...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Wireless not working

    You updated to 3.5 kernel version... try upgrading to a 3.10 or a 3.14 kernel. Reinstalling is usually the last resort, so hold off on that for now.

    Also what laptop is it? I know that Dell has...
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    Re: Any reason for Touch Screen in Ubuntu?

    Touchscreen laptops.. urgh. As others have said, if it is detachable and you're going to be reading news etc then it's good. But if you're at your desk with some munchies, you're not only going to...
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    Re: Curbing the urge to distro hop....

    Though it only works well for those Distro's that use GRUB. Slackware is my main distro and obviously I use LILO, so dual booting would only be done if I really (really liked) another distro and...
  17. Re: A College Student's Review of the Kudo Professional

    I am tempted, I also use a Macbook Air.. but for the price of a Macbook I would also want a glass trackpad and working gestures, maybe Linux will get this support one day. I always find myself...
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    Re: Curbing the urge to distro hop....

    It's hard not to distro hop, I actually enjoy it but finally thinking of settling down and sticking to one (or two). I enjoy Ubuntu-based distro's but they feel too restricted and 'hold my hand...
  19. Re: Please tell me more about Arch !? and Installing Arch

    I never understand why people make these GUI installations for distro's which are not geared towards the people who would expect a GUI interface for installation. It's all well and good having a GUI...
  20. [Debian_] Re: Atheros AR9485 ath9k connectivity problems

    I have that same wireless chip in my laptop and most of the distro's that do not contain 'bleeding edge' or at least a few months old packages will not work with it. Debian's releases are so ancient...
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    Re: Linux Journal is an "extremist forum"

    IMO it's all a bit sensationalist. Most likely the only reason they target linuxjournal is because it (quite many times) espouses privacy and how to 'hide yourself'. If Linux was the reason then...
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    Re: My win 7 is broken look what i did do

    Considering Aero itself needs WAY more than 64MB. Minimum of 1GB at the very least.

    Virtualization would require the same specs as running it on an actual machine, why give it only 64MB? Just...
  23. Re: Please tell me more about Arch !? and Installing Arch

    I wouldn't say it is complicated, it actually is very very simple and as suggested read 'The Arch Way' and some wiki pages for preparing / installing. The beginners guide is awesome (info on every...
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    Re: New Features in Ubuntu 14.10 "Utopic Unicorn"?

    Too funny, though seriously (if it supports it) then it should work much like OSX that it will hibernate your HDD during freefall to avoid damage to it when it hits the floor. Not sure what use it...
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    Re: Moving to Ubuntu

    Indeed, but as far as I am aware, only for our US friends. If it was worldwide, Canonical wouldn't be allowed to redistribute them for free.

    Mint warns about this, but it only does so for...
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