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    Re: GIMP 2.8 in Ubuntu 12.04: yes or no?

    Agree. I will also recommend to use PPA. Good Luck.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Dial up serial modem with Ubuntu 12.04

    Thank you Grahammechanical for the response. I am doing it now. :)
  3. [ubuntu] Dial up serial modem with Ubuntu 12.04

    Hi guys, I want to to configure an external dial up serial modem within Ubuntu 12.04. But, I don't how to do that. Can anyone please me?

    Thank you
  4. Re: Kickstarter and Crowdfunded games for Linux

    This game looks interesting, . Did anyone take a look on it? I guess, I should take a risk for this game.
  5. Re: Torchlight graphics doing crazy

    Try to re-install the game. I know, it's a pain, but it may solve the problem.
  6. Re: Torchlight graphics doing crazy

    And RAM?
    Did you re-install and update the game to the latest version if it is not already there?
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    Re: Article: A nail in the HTML5 coffin?

    HTML5 is not a fail! HTML5 is not only good for web apps & web designs, but are also much more flexible, allowing the use of interpreted javascript and html instead of compiled java and C.
  8. Re: What kind of cool things can I do with Unity?

    This is really great. If it can then I am definitely going to try it.
  9. Re: Vote for GOG to add Linux versions of games they sell

    Going to vote.
  10. Re: Torchlight graphics doing crazy

    Would be more helpful if you post the specs of the machine you're using, and also the graphic driver's version.
  11. [SOLVED] Re: MMO'ing on older systems? (Xubuntu) ~2004-2007 models

    You can try Wurm Online, Ryzom, Second life, Puzzle Pirates. You can look at this page for more games
  12. Re: Useful commands for the "Run Application" dialog (Alt+F2, shortcuts, GNOME)

    Nice work Vezolmi. I was not aware about this one.
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    [all variants] Re: music score to midi

    May be rosegarden or musescore? Or you can visit these websites for more help.
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    Re: Minecraft will not work on Ubuntu 12.04

    Absolutely right. It is not giving any type of problems on newest Ubuntu.
  15. Re: Suggested free action game(s) for old PC?

    I guess, counter strike, trackmania, roadrash and age of empire should run on your PC.
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    Re: making a new computer

    Hope this one will help you
    and clear out your all doubts.
  17. Thread: security

    by contributor

    [lubuntu] Re: security

    I am still confused that why did you create this thread? To clear your doubt? But it seems like you don't have any doubt as someone has said anything to you about Ubuntu and you just changed your...
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    Re: Ryzom not working

    Start from the terminal, you can't close the terminal window. Because, if you do so, ryzom will exit too.
  19. [ubuntu] Re: how to install webcam in ubuntu 10.04 on Dell XPS 1530 laptop

    What error exactly you are getting? Is it showing any black image or what?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Newer than newbie and no YouTube video

    You have already received a lot of good suggestions from the experts. But still, I want to add one more in this list. You can search it on google by using this keyword "To Do List After installing...
  21. Re: Poor performance in native games (HB Psychonauts especially)

    Bastion runs quite well on my system and I am fully satisfied with it's performance. My system specs is Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz × 4 ,3GB Ram, OCZ Petrol, 64GB SSD,AMD Radeon HD...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Information on Viruses?

    If you are downloading stuff from the internet including that, then there are some chances that your system may get infected files. I too don't have much knowledge about
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    Re: Easy Minecraft-installer,

    I am using it and it is working properly without showing any error. :) Nice work man.
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    Re: Notebook that can play TF2

    Anything with a NVS135M, NVS140M, 8400M GS, 8600M GT, 8700MGT, FX1500, FX1600, 8800M GTX, FX 2500M, FX3600M will be able to run it. Might have missed out a GPU or two.

    My friend has an Intel...
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    Re: GIMP Tutorial

    Here, you can find more than 60 GIMP video tutorials that may help you to get started.

    There are also so many GIMP...
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