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    [gnome] Re: How do I move gnome panels in jaunty?

    I was able to move it to the other monitor using this trick. I have separate X screens with Xinerama enabled (Nvidia NVS 140). Once placed on the second monitor I can go to properties -> expand ->...
  2. [ubuntu] Vuze torrent doesn't start unless I use file -> open torrent file

    When I click on a torrent in Firefox and open with Vuze, it will load Vuze started in 'My Torrents' but the torrent isn't there. I have to go to file -> open torrent file and pull it out of /tmp for...
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    Re: HOWTO: Fingerprint reading in Ubuntu with fprint

    Intrepid doesn't seem to like, at least not in my tests.

    Add the auth sufficient above the auth required line. I added the nullok_secure to the existing...
  4. [gnome] Can you force a gnome panel to stay on a specific screen?

    I dock my laptop in the office and use a second monitor for dual separate X screens with xinerama. Twinview is garbage :) I like having a panel on each screen so I can better manage all the crap I...
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