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    [ubuntu] Upgrading Wubi to 10.10 Safe?

    I checked the release notes and there seems to still be some serious errors when upgrading Wubi Ubuntu to 10.10. Is it recommended to wait before upgrading?
  2. [ubuntu] Re: iPod Shuffle 2nd Gen Reformatted Incorrectly - Won't Show

  3. [ubuntu] iPod Shuffle 2nd Gen Reformatted Incorrectly - Won't Show


    I'm running 9.10 and here's how I got myself into this mess:

    -Rhythmbox wouldn't show my ipod shuffle, so I moved to Amarok and Exaile, but both wouldn't let me move files to my iPod...
  4. Video Crashes After Enabling Dual-Monitor in 9.04 Beta

    I currently have the latest version of 9.04 will all of the updates as of today. It is running on a 1.6GHz HP Pavilion dv1000. I have a 19'' Dell external monitor (LCD).

    1. Plug in...
  5. [ubuntu] Gutsy BCM43xx Worked. Moved to a new place, doesn't work.


    My girlfriend just moved to a new place and all of the sudden her wireless doesn't work. She runs Ubuntu Gutsy w/ BCM43xx Driver and the WICD manager. At her old place, wireless worked...
  6. Re: Howto: WOW with Wine (

    yeah i've been doing that...the only problem is that the newest patch is a torrent file so it still has to use the native downloader in order to install so there's really no workaround it seems...
  7. Re: Howto: WOW with Wine (

    I tried running WoW this morning...I'm on a Dell Latitude D800 w/ a nVidia GoFX5650 card, used to work fine...but now that 2.1.3 is no longer the newest version, my game hangs when it tries to log me...
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    Re: World of Warcraft Crashing

    hmmm well WoW worked fine until the new
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    Re: World of Warcraft Crashing

    This just happened to me as well - I think this is a problem with the new console is reporting the following log, which keeps repeating in the console:
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    Poll: Re: HOWTO: Wireless Security - WPA1, WPA2, LEAP, etc.

    I was wondering if someone could tell me whether I will be able to connect to my campus' secure network. I'm currently connected via the open wireless network, but with the secure one it requires...
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    Poll: Re: How to: Broadcom Wireless cards

    I honestly have no idea what is wrong or where to begin...I have the exact same wireless card as nick and I have a Dell Latitude D800...I followed the instructions to a T and nothing is...
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