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    Re: Wayland Live CD

    Could someone please review the Orbital Shell? What are the pros and cons, highlights of this DE / WM.
  2. "Chut" sound when using seekbar, rhythmbox

    I want to know whether this is normal behaviour, I get a very loud "chut" sound when clicking on the rhythmbox seekbar to jump to a different part of the song. It is very loud, in fact it is loud...
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    Re: Selecting a programming language

    I'm a beginner, actually, I mentioned those software as the type of gui apps that I'm interested in creating after I learn. But, I decided to learn C++ after I read that it is not required to know...
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    Selecting a programming language

    I want to create desktop apps with beautiful interfaces, cross-platform, like irc client, music app, wordpad, etc. so I need a good language and an IDE. I already know that the best in class is C++...
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    Tame down loud audio tracks

    Hello, I want a solution for this: While listening to classical music, some tracks are soft, and after listening, there is the track which blares out at ear-splitting volume. How can I have the...
  6. Post your opinions on what would make file management simpler for newbies.

    No, I'm not writing a file manager. I just thought this would be a fun thread to find out how Linux could be improved for newbies.
    For me, I suggest showing dates by default.


    Also, I...
  7. Re: Levelling out volume for audio tracks. how to do it?

    Okay, I was using Dynamic Compressor and Fast Look Ahead Limiter. I tried both system-wide >>
    and also using...
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    [OtherOS_] Need help with Android-x86

    I've successfully installed Android and set up GRUB in a multi-boot setup. I want to know how I can get my modem D-Link DSL 2520U USB to be detected and used Please help. Thanks.

    I LOVE the...
  9. Re: Levelling out volume for audio tracks. how to do it?

    I found that using Audacious (the music player, not Audacity) with a LADSPA software dsp called Fast Look Ahead Limiter seems to do the trick. (I think, have to test everything properly now). Linux...
  10. Levelling out volume for audio tracks. how to do it?

    I'm looking for an audio player that will help me achieve this:
    For normal volume files, I'll adjust hardware volume knob to match them. For other files that are high volume due to poor source, or...
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    Re: Performance problems

    Oibaf's PPA successfully made Gnome Shell silky smooth on Saucy (I'm on RS880, radeon hd 4250 desktop igpu). I've yet to test trusty or the other DEs. If anyone's having animation lag, I guess they...
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    Performance problems

    I'm noticing that some animations like min/max are distractingly laggy. Not always, but a lot of the time. And this has been the case for at least past two releases. I hope someone can file a proper...
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    Re: Wayland Live CD

    Would anyone be kind enough to post any new screenshots of hawaii's new features, like look & feel, and any others. I'm on a pretty slow connection. :(
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    Re: Wayland Live CD

    Is Hawaii running yet in new RBOS?
  15. beginner with no experience. Want to start to learn coding.

    Hello. I've have no prior experience in programming or scripting, but I want to learn a high-level language that I can use to design GUI apps easily, and more importantly, my long term goal is to...
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    I've been trying out this lovely window manager but I can't find a beginner guide to it. The looks suit me well, but I need to know:
    Setting GTK and Qt widget theme.
    Setting a maximize or...
  17. Any alternative to Unetbootin fot booting iso directly from hard disk?

    I want to boot iso directly from hard disk but the grub entry Unetbootin makes for some new ISOs like Mint 16 and Linux Deepin 2013 don't work and the system installed on the partition it uses as...
  18. Anyone excited about Orbital Shell?

    I found this cool little Wayland shell called Orbital:
    It has a video to go along with it: (The video is a bit old...
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    Recent Gnome Shell.. very ugly.

    Anyone else think that Gnome iterations 3.4 and 3.6 were absolutely beautiful but Gnome has taken a turn for the ugly with the new releases? I mean, every change they make like adding a vignette to...
  20. Re: Need help finding this theme for fvwm

    I found the theme by searching PEM's gentoo. But can't get it to install. Replaced Exec=fvwm2 with Exec=fvwm2 -f themes-rc in xsessions/Fvwm.desktop and replaced the files in .fvwm folder with...
  21. Need help finding this theme for fvwm

    Hello, I'm a new user to fvwm and I really like a theme I came across on under "PEM's stuff", but it lacks a download link. But I like the screenshot so much, now I need...
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    Lack of power management a problem?

    Hello, I'm using ElementaryOS Luna and I like the clean desktop with the dock, but I have a question.. is it OK to use the open drivers though they do not have dpm before kernel 3.11? I'm worried...
  23. What'r your favourite non-shooter games (free)?

    As the title says. There are 100s of free games listed in linux games databse (lgdb), some even released in 2013, but I can't find any reviews for them so dunno how to separate the wheat from chaff...
  24. Need quick advice. 40$ nvidia that works perfect with Ubuntu?

    without blue people in flash problems or performance problems? Currently on Gigabyte GA-880GM-d2h with integrated radeon 4250 which is awful. Have AMD 970BE, 4GBRAM, Corsair VS450 (450watt) psu. Need...
  25. Will Unity 7.1 be backported to raring?

    As the title says. Thanks. I need it because of a bug with the dash being sluggish with previews when any active windows are behind it.
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