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    [ubuntu] Re: HP Folio 13 Compatibility

    I run Arch Linux (x86_64) on the Folio 13.

    I agree with what others have posted, it's a nice, thin, fast machine. You may not get 7 hours out of it (or the 9 that HP claims!), but on Arch...
  2. [all variants] Re: Accidentally formatted /home partition - recovery?

    SystemRescue's suite of partition recovery utilities couldn't recover the bad, partly formatted partition (or to be more precise, I couldn't get it done with those tools).

    Next up, photorec did...
  3. [all variants] Re: Accidentally formatted /home partition - recovery?

    Thanks a lot. While waiting, I came across this thread:

    which also recommends SystemRescueCD, which prominently features testdisk...
  4. [all variants] Accidentally formatted /home partition - recovery?

    I was installing 10.10 x64 today. I wanted to manually partition the disks, since I have a /home partition from a 9.10 installation which I want to keep.

    Unfortunately, I selected to convert the...
  5. Poll: [ubuntu] Re: Mac4Lin - New releases, discussions, comments etc.

    Thanks, IRD.

    I'll give it a download and report back if any probs / suggestions.
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to purchase a Dell laptop with Ubuntu pre-installed in Australia

    I hear your pain. I had the same moral quandry when I purchased my 1330 a year and a half ago. Windows only here in NZ too.

    I eventually imported from Hong Kong with windows (which was wiped...
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    Re: Which is the best rolling release?

    I installed Arch 32-bit on my desktop over a year ago and have never even considered going back to Ubuntu since. Rolling release, customisable, and the keep it simple philosophy (rc.conf is great!)...
  8. Re: Why OpenOffice is not being used by corporations?

    As for school reports needing to look the same, I find that OpenOffice's integrated PDF creation is absolutely one of the best features in comparison with as PDF, and you know it'll...
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    Re: How-To: install pSX on AMD64

    Thanks dfreer. This solution from another thread solved the permissions problem, and I can now launch as a regular user (thanks to Grishka):

    1. kill pulseaudio (sudo killall pulseaudio)
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    [ubuntu] Re: Killing pulseaudio to run pSX

    Grishka, your solution worked for me, thanks!! :popcorn:
  11. Re: My (highly subjective) experiences with Windows 7 RC

    Everyone is going on about how fast Windows 7 is...and that may be so, and seems that way on my machine too.

    As we all know, however, Win XP is also damn fast on a fresh install. I'm looking...
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    Re: How-To: install pSX on AMD64

    Followed the guides, installed the 2 .deb files (on Jaunty 64-bit) - the psx32 deb and the lib32gtkglext deb.

    Program loads and runs, but only as root.

    Running as regular user, I get:

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    [ubuntu] Re: XPS M1330 with 9.1 Jaunty

    Absolutely no problems with the installation of 9.04 - pretty much everything working out of the box, with no need to tweak the screen dimmer controls. Sound is working. I install NVIDIA drivers...
  14. Re: Thrustmaster firestorm dual power 3 usb not detected

    Problem solved in the 2.6.29 kernels. Pad is working again, but annoyingly, there is no longer a Force Feedback driver in the kernel for this device (at least not that I have found). Oh well.
  15. Poll: [ubuntu] Re: Mac4Lin - New releases, discussions, comments etc.

    Hi Infra,

    Just a further note of thanks for your work on this project and making it available via SVN....a boon to stop us geeks who just have to have the latest versions ASAP! :)

    I haven't...
  16. Poll: [ubuntu] Re: Mac4Lin - New releases, discussions, comments etc.

    I did too - SVN checkout works great, as advertised....a great tide-over until the official release. Will alert if any bugs / issues arise for me. Cheers!
  17. Poll: [ubuntu] Re: Mac4Lin - New releases, discussions, comments etc.

    ^ ^ Now THIS is exciting! :)
  18. Re: Thrustmaster firestorm dual power 3 usb not detected

    I have the exact same gamepad and it's previously worked in both Ubuntu and Arch. It stopped working for me with Arch, using the latest stock kernel (2.6.28-ARCH). Haven't yet tried it on Ubuntu...
  19. Poll: [ubuntu] Re: Mac4Lin - New releases, discussions, comments etc.

    Agreed. No need to re-invent the wheel. Clean GNOME theme packages are much more user-friendly and less likely to cause you ongoing headaches i.e. "the install script didn't work on my configuration".
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 8.04 bluetooth issues

    Yeah - I found the BT Mouse to be a bit hit and miss in 8.04 too. Sometimes it would detect and start at bootup, othertimes not. Some searching ought to provide a few fixes, and you can also try what...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: M1330 8.10 beta: Fan spins full speed all the time

    If you wait a few weeks / months, Dell will hopefully release their image of 8.10 which in theory SHOULD contain a good solid working set of drivers and modules tailored to the 1330.

  22. Thread: AGP Issue

    by sultanoswing

    [ubuntu] Re: AGP Issue

    I had a similar problem (but may not be exactly the same!!) - I solved it by going into the BIOS and setting the AGP aperture to 128MB (from default 32). Worth a shot! You might try 64, 128 and even...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: DELL OEM Reinstall DVD Is Now Available 4 Download.

    What would be ideal from some of our POV (at least some of us, such as Tim) is a customised Ubuntu install disc which is Ubuntu, but with Dell's drivers compiled in and the options to do as you wish...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: DELL OEM Reinstall DVD Is Now Available 4 Download.

    Just FYI (since that seems to be the sarcastic reposte of choice in this thread), of more interest to me is the automatic partitioning - can anyone confirm that this install disc automatically...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Bluetooth Mouse Stoped Working After 2.6.24-20 Update

    [SOLVED] well at least partially - just seems to not register the mouse on bootup sometimes and requires a manual restart of the blue tooth service. No biggie.

    /etc/inid.d/bluetooth restart
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