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  1. [ubuntu] How Do You Password Protect Grub (GNU GRUB 1.98) - Not GRUB2

    I have been looking for information on how to password protect Grub (GNU GRUB 1.98), I'm not on Grub2. I did find the document for Grub2 but it does me no good.

    I have also searched several other...
  2. [ubuntu] I Can't Force MinLen and Password Resets at First Login

    I need to be able to force users to choose a password that is at least 14 characters long. They also need to reset their temp passwords at first login.

    This is what my /etc/pam.d/common-auth...
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    [ubuntu] How do I install PAM_TALLY2????!!

    I'm trying to install pam_tally2 since pam_tally is not working for me. I found the package here: but when I download it there's no...
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    [gnome] MOTD Banner for GNOME and KDE Desktop

    Hello All,
    I need some direction on how to include a Banner that will display a warning to users during the login screen, this is even before they're able to login to the system. The ubuntu version...
  5. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 10.04.4 - PAM_TALLY Configuration Problem!

    Hello All,
    I'm fairly new to Ubuntu and I'm having a problem with configuring pam_tally to work properly. What I'm trying to accomplish is for this module to help me lock accounts after 3 invalid...
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