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    [ubuntu] Re: Open file of type ".mo"

    In my cause they are not, I'm trying to open a .mo file to edit translation strings in an application, but I can't, gnome text editor are dropping me... nano open codified text... vi the same... and...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Get Skype& Callto links working in Our wonderful Lucid

    Sorry, slaykristian, I didn't upgrade to Naatty, as Lucid still alive as LTS yet, so I cann't answer you for that. But in theory, where's is the problem??
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Samsung Captivate (samsung galaxy s) mounting issues

    Hi Guys,
    It's work for me in Samsung Galaxy S v. Lucid

    BUT, what that's all, no SSH access to that Samsung, how? I just changed my Iphone with this Samsung to run away from Mr. Apple, there Cydia...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Get Skype& Callto links working in Our wonderful Lucid

    Hello guys,
    After disappointment and full down quality of skype, we decide to jailbreak from Skype imperious. So for who want to follow us this jailbreak, I wrote another thread solution for click...
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    [ubuntu] Re: JayBired JB200

    What that's mean lougacl, did you figure it out? what did you did, could you share with us the result, please!

  6. Re: iPhone no longer mounting after iOS 4.2 upgrade

    In Lucid after installing the libimobiledevice-utils no any change, the OS can't mount the Iphone 3GS after upgrading to 4.2.1... and with
    lsusb -- > it's found as Bus 001 Device 013: ID...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Internal Gstreamer error: file bug

    Well, we're in Nov. 2010, and this bug it seem to be alive, unsolved yet....
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Could not disable volume control notification icon on Ubuntu 10.10

    Ohh, only the volume control which disappeared? mmmmmm, you have to test more, to complain more...

    10.10 would make me more lose time to reformat and get back my Lucid Lts. which was the Gold...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Uninstall vsftpd problem

    For me it's not working, I tried in /etc/init.d/vsftpd stop, I get:

    -bash: /etc/init.d/vsftpd: No such file or directory

    And with ps -ef | grep vsftpd
    I get:
    root 17578 17380 0 18:25...
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    Re: NX client for Android?

    NX don't offer any UMPC client access right now...

    As far as I know, the unique stable service in that is the Citrix, or you could look here the comparison table...
  11. [SOLVED] Get Skype& Callto links working in Our wonderful Lucid

    Hi All,
    I was really long turning into the issue to get working the skype links, and the callto links to work in Firefox under gusty,festy,hardy, and lastly un der LUCID, just now I got it, so I...
  12. Re: Callto: Skype links for phone numbers with Ubuntu

    I'm not sure if this is up to date in Lucid, because I follow this manual, and after restarting it's true, I get firefox recognizing the callto-skype, but just when click in it, I get error,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: install gnome on ubuntu server 10.04

    Hi all,

    In my case, under Lucid Server, I did already the mistake, I mean, i installed with: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

    And now I get auto run of the X server, so, when I need to shut...
  14. [ubuntu] IPTables Startup for NetworkManager Lucid

    Hello all,
    I'm setting my dedicate server under Lucid server, and i followed this tutorial to configure IPTables.

    In the startup configuration...
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    Re: Web Server Setup

    Thanks sampaioneto for answwer, I'm impatient just waiting for an idea how could illustrate me...
    It's exactly what did you explain, the router are driving to it's own interface, instead of the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: starting myphpadmin

    I got it, thanks to this blog

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    Web Server Setup

    Hello all,
    I'm sorry for my stupid question, but I'm turning tow days, and have no idea if Mr google are not answering, or my question are not correctly given.

    I'm new in server setup issues as...
  18. [SOLVED] Re: How to get MySQL Databases and myPhpAdmin

    Webmin seem to be an easy and great tool, but don't include the mysql admin, which's included in my php admin, so it's not a solution...

    In my case, I installed myphp through synaptic, but...
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    [SOLVED] Re: starting myphpadmin

    Hi, with me it's the same, localhost work, localhost/phpMyAdmin give me 404... I'm working under 10.4 64 bits...
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    [ubuntu] Re: gnome-shell broken with today update

    I'm installing the Empathy 2.31 in my Lucid, and when I run the ./, I get configure: error: glib-compile-schemas not found

    I compile the libglib2, and the nome-shell as you said,...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Empathy - Google Talk video chat in Lucid Lynx

    Well, I use empathy only for chat text, and with Lucid I was interesting in use it also as SIP client, but I guess that empathy work only for texting, no voice services neither in jabber, neither in...
  22. [all variants] Re: Ubuntu MID for HTC Advantage X7500/X7501/etc?

    Hi guys, did you solved this issue, did you got Ubuntu in the HTC advantage, anybody can comment us how it's workin...

    I'm looking to buy this device, and my unique problem that it's working with...
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    [ubuntu] JayBired JB200

    Hi all,
    I'm becoming crazy to get service in the Jaybird JB200 blutooth headset with my Vaio SZ3VP.

    The blutooth manager conect it, and all it's ok, but in the sound manager I don't find it...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: apache2 mod-mono-server start/restart and directives

    Hi all,
    My initial interest it was to get running some pages needed .net runtime in my jaunty 9.4, such as

    First I...
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    Re: HOWTO: Pocket PC Syncing with Evolution

    Hello All,
    I'm trying to do this issue since when I had Festy, then Hardy, then now with Interpid, no way...
    Now, I followed your step one by one, and what I obtain is:

    XXX@XXX-interpid:~$ sudo...
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