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    Australian Federal Police warning

    The following is the entire content of an Australian Federal Police warning of an 'Olympic Torch' virus, contained within a post of mine to the Australian Onlineopinion Forum, where a 350 word limit...
  2. Re: NSW [Australia] considers giving students Linux laptops


    In estimating the NSW share of the Federal funding for the one-laptop-per-student program, it has been assumed that around one third of all Australian students in this bracket come...
  3. Re: The Governments and Schools moving to Linux Thread

    There's more here: on this one.

    Whilst the administration of secondary school education is a State responsibility in Australia, this NSW proposal...
  4. Re: Stallman: Cloud computing, It's worse than stupidity

    I can't see why this doesn't cover it. If something does degrade in the future with respect to bandwidth elsewhere in the world, you still have workable local inter and intra networking. In this...
  5. Re: Re-entrenching proprietary software in government procurement

    I have attempted to get to grips with the effective price per laptop in the Australian government's one-laptop-per-student program.

    In the references quoted in the opening post, it is claimed that...
  6. Re: NSW [Australia] considers giving students Linux laptops

    This is more or less the situation I think the various Australian States' school systems now find themselves in, its just that it may not have been clearly pointed out.

    Although this move by NSW...
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    Re: How do i see MY posts?

    If you are already in a thread in which you have posted, there is a big button. Just click on your userID to the left of the post pane and you will get a drop down menu with a choice of "Show more...
  8. Re: Re-entrenching proprietary software in government procurement

    Background to Public Policy in Australia

    Climate science can still be described as an emergent field of study. It is more likely that in such a field of endeavour theories untested, and perhaps...
  9. Re: Re-entrenching proprietary software in government procurement

    Thanks to whoever moved the opening post titled 'Mandating hardware compatibility with Linux' to merge it with this thread. I wasn't trying to double-post the content, just emplace a more...
  10. [SOLVED] Using quotes in an opening post

    Is there a way of using the vBulletin quote feature in an opening post?

    It seems to me, from my limited usage of the feature, that you have to be in an already existing thread to make a quote. Is...
  11. Re-entrenching proprietary software in government procurement

    Sometimes the degree of interest a topic attracts depends upon its title.

    I just recently opened a new discussion titled 'Mandating hardware compatibility with Linux', here: ...
  12. Re-entrenching proprietary software in government procurement

    The Australian government is embarking upon a program of providing laptop computers for every student in years 9 to 12 in secondary schools throughout the nation. This program involves the projected...
  13. [SOLVED] Quotation background colour glitch?

    Earlier today I posted to the 'Stance on philosophy' thread. I quoted LaRosa from a post of hers earlier in the thread. The quote, as it originally displayed in the message panel, had more in it...
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    Re: Stance on philosophy

    [QUOTE=LaRoza;5901371]I asked other staff about it and someone didn't think it was in violation, but agreed with closing it.

    In juxtaposition with the now closed thread titled "what is truth?",...
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    Re: How do I view my posts?

    What I think elitenoobboy may be referring to is the different behaviour of some Forum features when one is viewing without being logged-in, as compared to the options that only show up when one is...
  16. Re: Booting and installing Linux OSes from hard disk

    I'm out of my depth in understanding exactly what you want, but sense that this is a subject that you may get help on from the Hermanzone, see: It's quite an...
  17. Re: Booting and installing Linux OSes from hard disk

    Does this post by John_Spiral help?

    Its opening explanation is:

    " HOWTO Boot from a .iso file without needing a working CD-ROM - REALLY USEFUL!
  18. Re: Comments on the multi-quote feature [was: "you know you're a geek when . . ."]

    Now everybody tells me!

    This is yet another of those features that are only evident if you are logged-in. No little button displays beside the quote button unless you are logged-in.

    popch and...
  19. Re: Proposal re Forum Banning for discussion

    What a joke! Freudian slip blows a MicroSoft deep plant's cover!

    Members all, the standard abbreviation for 'that is,' is the lower case 'ie.'. Ubuntu-geek has used the upper case 'IE',...
  20. Re: Unanswered Posts: a request for YOUR help!

    This is occurring almost certainly because you are not logged-in when you are going through the index pages. It seems to be a feature of the Forums that many options do not display/work with full...
  21. Re: Proposal re Forum Banning for discussion

    Thank you, KiwiNZ, for having the courage to open this issue to discussion.

    There have been both express and implied views as to the undesirability of changing or complicating both the process of...
  22. Re: What's the freakin deal?

    Historic first!

    MS ports new desktop skins to Linux! The new skins, compiled with the aid of graphic design consultancy Ishihara & Rorschach NL, feature new interactive capabilities which, among...
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    Re: Did I do the right thing?

    I can't answer as to whether you have done the right thing in every respect, but your general approach seems to be OK.

    If you want some background information as well as practical help in this...
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    Re: Creative Threatens Community Modder

    Might I suggest that you are wrong about how quickly the moderators will come down on the thread? Provided that the discussion revolves around an exploration of the respective relevant laws...
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    Re: Thank Subtraction

    Further to the suggestion of adaptation of the Ubuntu Brainstorm vote up/vote down feature as a user-implemented offensiveness guide, or 'imposometer', and given that CoC issues have been part of...
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