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    [ubuntu] BBC flash problems (NOT iplayer)

    Hi all. Something odd going on with flash and watching videos, listening to the radio on the BBC website in Ubuntu 10.04.

    Flash works fine for youtube, the guardian, anything really but when play...
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    RTÉ and Ubuntu

    Hi all,

    Continually having problems with the RTÉ site and anything that uses real or windows media streaming. Looked everywhere for solutions to no avail and I know a few other new Ubuntu users...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Freeze when open or saving from application

    FYI, disabling tracker seems to work. I'm not sure how to log a bug - any volunteers?

  4. [ubuntu] Freeze when open or saving from application

    I've searched for solutions to this problem elsewhere but to no avail.

    In a nutshell, when I open or save a file that requires me to choose a location (ie home/documents/College/) from an...
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