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    [ubuntu] Re: HOWTO: Wacom in 8.04 Hardy

    Anyone try this ?
  2. Re: Broadcom Wireless Cards EZ install (how-to)

    fwcutter is a tool which can extract firmware from various source files.

    Open the Synaptic Package manager (System>Administation>) and search for bcm43xx-fwcutter and install it.

    You should now...
  3. Re: Broadcom Wireless Cards EZ install (how-to)

    Sorry to hear that KnightRid.
    if you have other wireless cards to use I would suggest trying those.
    I take it you are using a desktop type computer, which will make it easier to test different...
  4. Re: Broadcom Wireless Cards EZ install (how-to)

    I am not sure. I am running ubuntu only on my laptop.
    You might want to have the windows firmware handy just in case it doesn't work once you boot into windows.

    Let us know the outcome.
  5. Re: How To: Play Youtube/General Flash in Firefox 2.0 in Ubuntu 7.10

    I didn't have a problem with flash/ watching youtube when I installed 7.10.
    It wasn't installed when the OS was installed but rather after I visited a site that required flash plug-in. I clicked the...
  6. Re: Broadcom Wireless Cards EZ install (how-to)

    Glad to hear it worked for you QUARTZ and thanks for sharing your card info, Since we have 2 different type cards.
  7. Re: Broadcom Wireless Cards EZ install (how-to)

    I can't remember if that is the exact URL that requested the download but I do remember thinking "that is a weird URL". It wasn't Ubuntu related at all. I just gave it a shot and let it download from...
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    Poll: Re: Dear Mr. Shuttleworth - Heron feature Request

    I don't really like eye-candy.
    I don't upgrade visual effects on my machines because of the system it takes up. That and I don't really care what my desktop looks like as long as it runs fast and is...
  9. Broadcom Wireless Cards EZ install (how-to)

    I would like to enlighten everyone (before reading the below HOW-To that uses fwcutter to install broadcom cards) about the 2 different ways of installing these types of cards. Please read...
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    Re: Copy PS2 games

    If you don't want to go the route of modding your PS2 you can always get the Swap Magic Discs.
    They work Great and are compatable with PS2 And PSOne Games.
    however You will need to make your PS2 a...
  11. Re: Netpanzer multiplayer doesn't seem too fun for

    Sounds like a good idea. Maybe you should write to them and suggest some changed, I mean it couldn't hurt and in the long run they might actually listen :)

    Don't feel bad about dieing as soon as...
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    Re: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

    lwr, What kind of graphic card do you have?
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    Re: MUD Clients.

    Well I was looking for something equivalent to Zmud.
    But thanks for the link jvl. :)
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    Re: Good/original OpenSource games don't exist ?

    GL TRON has always been one of my favorite games.
  15. Re: Netpanzer multiplayer doesn't seem too fun for

    sounds to me that the ppl that are on have been playing for a long time, it also sounds to me that since you said "not too many servers on there" that not alot of ppl know about this game and thus...
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    MUD Clients.

    I am just throwing this out there since I don't know how many other people on Ubuntu, or linux for that matter, play MUD games.
    My question is (if anyone plays MUD games anymore) which is the best...
  17. Re: Why Debian Install Is better then ubuntu - My Thoughts

    To each his/her own :D
  18. Re: Why Debian Install Is better then ubuntu - My Thoughts

    Cr@P, I was there and then when I went to post something got messed up and when I went to post again it somehow put it here...
    My fault for not noticing where it had placed me in the forums..
  19. Why Debian Install Is better then ubuntu - My Thoughts

    Latest Debian:
    The latest stable release of Debian is 3.1. The last update to this release was made on April 19th, 2006

    My Thoughts on Debian And Ubuntu:

    I just installed Debian from...
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    Bad/corrupt file? Be Advised!

    Ok, here is my story.
    From a fresh install I logged into my desktop (Gnome) I notice I have updates.
    I install all updates and everything is fine so I continue to set up my machine to surf the net...
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    Enemy-territory Radar map Crash?

    Ok, I installed Wolfenstien Enemy-territory on ubuntu and everything ran fine till i needed to delete the files where ET installed to so i could change somethings around.

    I re-installed ET sat up...
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    Re: No Updates do to bad SIG?

    This is why I love using Ubuntu.
    You have such a great community to come to for help.

    Thanks again! :D
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    No Updates do to bad SIG?

    Ever since I updated to Breezy Full I have been getting this error when ever I do a 'Sudo apt-get update' in a terminal

    Fetched 379B in 1s (249B/s)
    Reading package lists... Done
    W: GPG error:...
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    Re: Is Ubuntu for You?

    I would definitely say Ubuntu\Kubuntu is a windblows killer (I've officially switched to Linux).
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