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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 10.04 freezes / locks up when using hard drive

    Same case here. When i'm using ubuntu it freezes when updating the system.
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    [ubuntu] Re: USB Pendrive + Can't read Superblock

    Hi, i recovered all my data and got my pendrive working again using this command in case someone else has the same problem. Thanks for the help!

    fsck.vfat -tr /dev/sdb1

    PD: My device was SDB1.
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    [ubuntu] USB Pendrive + Can't read Superblock

    Hi, i am having problems mounting a pendrive in my PC running Ubuntu 9.04. When i plug the device it shows me a message windows saying that it cannot mount the device because it can't read the...
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    [ubuntu] Zabbix 1.6.4 + Ubuntu Server 9.04

    Hi, recently at work they asked me to implement a network monitoring software. I will try using zabbix. I've been reading the official manual and searching the forum and the web, but i wanted to know...
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    [ubuntu] Apache + Ubuntu + DocumentRoot

    Hi, i have a Web Server and i want that when i type http://localhost in a browser in the server, the result page is one of my sites in the WWW folder, in other words, i want my localhost to be a...
  6. Re: cafe con leche: Internet cafe management software

    Hi, first let me start by thanking loell for creating this post, you have no idea how much this helped me, so thanks! second i would like to ask you what type of security measures do you think i...
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