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    Re: What is the name of your computer(s)?

    I was naming things after planets in the Star Wars Universe.

    kashyyyk - gaming rig
    corellia - file server
    endor - kid's laptop
    geonosis - pfSense firewall
    tatooine - wife's laptop
    kessel - my...
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    [ubuntu] IPv6 on 10.04 via HE Tunnel Broker

    Thought I would make a post in the hopes others will find it useful. :)

    I finally got around to messing with Hurricane Electric's IPv6 Tunnel Broker service.

    This is how I got things running...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Building a IPv6 gateway

    Can you expand on the <unique number here>/64

    do I just take a another addr out of the /64? Plus also assign an addy to my eth0 (only interface)

    currently I've set up the tunnel from a linux...
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    [all variants] dns via network proxy and chrome

    I have a proxy setup via an ssh tunnel to another server. So I tell Firefox to use localhost:3128 which tunnels to the Squid box I have. I also have Firefox set with the ...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: network proxy in 9.04 ignored hosts issue

  6. [ubuntu] network proxy in 9.04 ignored hosts issue


    hopefully someone can help me out. i'm using the network proxy settings in ubuntu 9.04.

    i have the proxy setup and it works fine, but there are a few things I need to not use the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Home Directory Permissions Question

    Figured it out... sabnzbd is changing the directory to 755. Now to figure out why.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Home Directory Permissions Question

    Can someone please help out on getting something together (script) to watch /home and mark the time that the change occurs? My script foo isn't the greatest.

    This is still happening to me and...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Installing VMware server onto my Ubuntu Server

    it's not a ' its a `

    the ` is above my tab key with teh ~ key
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Installing VMware server onto my Ubuntu Server

    Pretty easy. :)

    sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`

    Once that is done...extract the archive you downloaded from VMware.
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    [ubuntu] munin not creating html/graphs w/ rdd data

    I installed Munin on my Hardy 64 bit server.

    apt-get install munin munin-none smartmontools

    It started up and I started to get graphs with the default set of data points.

    I then...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Home Directory Permissions Question

    Not a lot in there.

    cat /var/log/syslog |grep -i cron

    Oct 9 13:10:01 hoth /USR/SBIN/CRON[12239]: (root) CMD (/root/bin/motd > /etc/motd)
    Oct 9 13:17:01 hoth...
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    [ubuntu] Home Directory Permissions Question

    I have a pretty basic install of Hardy 8.04.1 server. I have 5 users on this system, each with their own home dir.

    I have samba installed so that they can map to their home dir to store...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: how would I configure 4 domains for email using google apps

    I'm not exaclty sure what you are asking.

    Are you wanting to have your 4 domains email hosted by Google Apps?

    Or are you wanting to have all 4 domains on 1 Google Apps setup? IE ...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Can't assemble RAID5 because partitions missing, but they don't!

    i"m not going to be much help here... but I did have an odd issue recently where I had my md0 showing up with 2 uuid strings. this was after i moved the array from 1 ubuntu server to another. 7.10...
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    Re: [SOLVED] Virtual box ipod touch / iphone sync

    not to hijack this.. but i had a similar issue with a vpn program for work. it used a usb dongle to auth the software to run. the dongle would be seen in virtualbox, but software in the virtualbox...
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    [other] Re: Separate storage / VMWare

    I wrote up a down and dirty guide to using iSCSI on esxi.

    But if you run vmware 2.0 it does have the ability to use NFS mounts or create other...
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    [ubuntu] Re: VMWare server is going really really slow

    can you post more info on this?

    I was running 1.0.7 for over a year on a dual core proc with no issues. i just installed 2.0 on a dual core proc server and not having any issues... yet. :/
  19. [ubuntu] Re: can not get into vmware virtual machine console

    I'm running 64 bit and have no issues.

    remember the web interface is on
    http - tcp/8222
    https - tcp/8333

    but you need this as well
    console - tcp/902
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    [ubuntu] Re: Age of empires II fullscreen problem

    I'm not seeing the issue in the screen shots.

    I'm going to guess you have a full screen and that the game isn't matching the resolution that you have full screen set to.

    My guess (and this is...
  21. [other] Re: VMware Server 2 is out for those waiting for it.

    The interface is very much like the interface from virtual infrastructure client just web based.

    when you go to open up a console, it will download a 15mb firefox addon to actually get the console...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Local Mail Delivery?

    I did the LAMP thing but no exim or any other mailer on here.

    I know I can put on Postfix but was thinking that was complete overkill. Not sure though.
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Win XP VM from within a text based host ubuntu hardy?

    Take a look at Virtualbox. YOu can run a vm in virtualbox on a headless server. YOu would attach to the 'console' of the vm using RDP.
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    [ubuntu] Local Mail Delivery?

    I just setup a Hardy 8.04.1 server. During install I just installed OpenSSH.

    'root' isn't getting any mail from cron or other daemons that I would expect.

    My guess is that there isn't a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: xp on sun xvm virtual box

    I'm not exaclty sure what you are asking. But this is what I'm thinking.
    You have a dual boot machine or something.

    You would like to run your windows xp install that is on your hard drive with...
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