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    Poll: [ubuntu] Re: How have your upgrades gone?

    Upgrades almost always work well for me, if I do a little work ahead of time to make sure that the system is ready for a dist-upgrade. Little things, like backing out of that PPA intel video driver,...
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    Re: HOWTO: Jaunty Intel Graphics Performance Guide

    I note that the how-to has changed since Friday.

    I did this fix on Friday on a Dell Mini-9 with intel 945 chipset.

    PPR 12-16fps
    PPR 26-30fps

    Only downside of this for me, was...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: file server and software raid - recoverable on fail?

    The "what if drive 1 fails" issue is precisely why my NAS is built with the OS on a bootable USB thumb drive.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Netbook Remix too Slow!

    Wasn't that bug fixed in final? Thats what I have now.

    Here's something I've noticed that makes a HUGE difference:
    1. If I login direct to the user account with UNR enabled, it works fine. Pretty...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to install netboox remix with ext4

    Jaunty itself is overall much faster than Intrepid or Hardy, especially on boot. I don't know how much of that additional speed or crispness is ext4, but thats what I have.

    My install was created...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Should LPIA version be used for Atom-based netbooks?

    Does the 9.04 lpia include aircraft-manager?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Netbook Remix too Slow!

    I'll check things again this evening, but I've been trying to use UNR every night for the last week and it is simple un-usable. Slow. Doggy. Sluggish.

    It seems like it is something in the UME...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Updates of resolution od Foxconn bug --- from Foxconn FAE Heart Zhang

    I'm pleased with the community response, and pleased that the manufacturer stepped up, but I don't congratulate them for doing so. It was just good business sense. After this all got slashdotted, the...
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    Re: To any newbies to Ubuntu

    I use VirtualBox the other way around, running HH and using Vbox to launch XP. Fastest and most stable XP that I've ever seen, which isn't saying a whole lot. Its like putting lipstick on a pig: its...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: "cloned output" when I only have one monitor

    I suspect this is the reason WHY I'm having a seperate problem: DVD playback is audio only, no video. I too cannot turn off "cloned".
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