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  1. [ubuntu] Re: mediatomb premissions cant acess media drive

    bump I was doing some reading chmod 777 is used for read write and executable and the reason it could not be working is cause you can't set a drive as executable? Just trying to go into the drive in...
  2. [ubuntu] mediatomb premissions cant acess media drive

    I keep all my media on a different drive. When I try to add that drive in media tomb it says I dont have permissions to do so. I tried chmod 777 pointed to the selected drive which didn't work. Its...
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    [ubuntu] installing wireless g wpc54g ver 3

    I'm using 9.10 on my old laptop just installed it and my netowrk card isn't being detected. I followed some basic network steps and tried to connect it to my router. didn't work I would try to...
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    Re: Microphone not working (karmic)

    i got it installed
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    wont install keeps freezing

    I'm trying to install Ubuntu on my 500mhz laptop. It keeps freezing during the install. Is there a way to install this in command line and not booting from the disk? Xp seems to work find I don't...
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    [ubuntu] Re: bad sectors how can i fix ?

    I installed xp on it to run the seatools(seagate dianostic) and they dont find anything wrong with the drive with the long scan yet ubuntu is still decting bad sectors.
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    [ubuntu] bad sectors how can i fix ?

    Well after I installed 9.10 bad sectors were detected in my hd. Do I just need to buy a new one or is there anyway to repair? The seagate tools to fix this look like they need to all be run in...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: premissions of external cant be determined

    no i didnt mess with fstab.

    # /etc/fstab: static file system information.
    # Use 'blkid -o value -s UUID' to print the universally unique identifier
    # for a device; this may be used with...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: premissions of external cant be determined

    Its not just my external I checked my main hd and it also has been effected. I really need help](*,) I try to right click the drive to change it that way it wont work. As soon as I click apply and...
  10. [ubuntu] premissions of external cant be determined

    permissions of external harddrive cant be determined
    ever since I upgraded to 9.10 I've had this error which I think is why it hasnt let me attach mediatomb with the drive. How do I fix it do i need...
  11. [ubuntu] Mediatomb says it doesnt cant read external hd

    I'm using 9.10 .I installed mediatomb from packet manager and it works when I point it to my video folder. When I point it to my external hd which I hold all my media on it says it doesn't have...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Noob's guide for PS3 Media Streaming via MediaTomb on Ubuntu 8.04

    I'm having trouble with ubuntu when i try to add the media I have (its all on a external) I'm getting an error saying I still don't have permission . I edited the files exactly.
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    [ubuntu] Re: no sound p55 pro asrock

    would using a windows driver with wine work?
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    [ubuntu] no sound p55 pro asrock

    Well I'm doing a upgrade and i cant get the onboard audio on the motherboard to work by messing with alsamixer. it is not muted.
    I have it set to pulseaudio.

    p55 pro
    nvidia 8800gts
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    [ubuntu] bluray burning

    I want to buy a bluray burner. Before I do I want to make sure there is software for linux that would allow me to burn the disks. I currently use K3b which doesn't have the option.
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    [SOLVED] Re: DVDs don't mount don't eject

    I'm having the same problem. I find running eject through terminal helps on some of them,but others that wont even work.
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    [ubuntu] Twonky streaming to PC

    I have a old pc with ubuntu on it. I want to set up to stream content from twonky to this pc and connect the pc to the tv via dvi or hdmi. Twonky works well with Xbox 360. How do I go about doing...
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    Re: 1.1.28 wine fallout 3

    When I run that command it just says coouldn't start process '/home/burntresistor/.wine/fallout3.exe

    I'm using amd64, asus 32 a8n sli motherboard , nvidida 8800gt
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    1.1.28 wine fallout 3

    I followed a guide to install that said I needed to install direct x through winetricks. I just read the sticky(and what it says about installing direct x ) before posting could that be the problem?...
  20. Dungeon siege 2 mouse not working correctly

    I checked the winehq database and they say this game was working with wine, and the install went ok. I start it and in the menu screen the mouse just wants to scroll up and no where else.
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    Re: Python Beginner OO programming help

    Install how? It worked before by just importing it the module is just one file called
    I became impatient dealing with this problem with there supplements and read ahead 2 chapters...
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    finding programing challenges

    I had some free time, so I was reading the sticky and theres a link to another old weekly thread called weekly programming challenges for beginners ? This sounds fun to do.Are there any threads that...
  23. Re: What advice would you give to women who think Linux is "hard"?

    Linux can be "hard" fuppes was the bane of my existence for weeks cause I couldn't figure out the error. Whatever trouble I get from linux it doesn't match the hassles I was getting with windows XP....
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Convert HD .mkv movie to Xbox compatible .avi

    Handbrake would do it.
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    Python Beginner OO programming help

    Well I got to the point in the book I'm learning from to get to OO programming and I'm spending more of my time getting IDLE to understand there module that its based on than anything...
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