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    [ubuntu] Re: HowTo: Gateway M-1625 and RTL8187b cards

    Thumbs up for this how-to. I am using Gateway m-1624 and i believe there is not much difference. I have been using my system for a few months now and it is great. However I am unable to adjust the...
  2. [ubuntu] Unable to adjust backlight on Gateway m-1624

    Using the function key with the up and down buttons does not change the brightness level of the monitor. I also tried using the brightness applet in the gnome panel but that failed too. I'd really...
  3. [ubuntu] Limited Brightness level on Gateway m-1624 laptop

    I am only able to use the minimum or maximum brightness level using (Fn+F8). i am using ati radeon x1200 series. I sure could use some help.
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Please help, Wireless and Networking Connections

    Install ndiswrapper through Synaptic package manager and install ndisgtk for a graphical interface.

    This is what I got from Brian Cantin's website. I quote from here onwards.

    Easiest way is to...
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