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  1. Either way, there's nothing I can really do. It's kind of ridiculous to punish someone for being a troll on a site that isn't ours, so the best the admins can do is just say that we don't support it.
    Either way, I'm becoming more and more disillusioned with that site...less is getting done than ever before, and it's disheartening.
  2. I'm not blaming you buddy. When I said YOU in the original message, I meant linsux
  3. That's right. Even came out with a statement. But, members are free to try trolling and get banned. I'm not their daddy, and they'll have to learn from their bad decisions. Why this reflects back on me, I have yet to understand.
  4. You don't endorse trolls, eh? What about this? Looks like he posted the flame bait here "on popular demand". And don't tell me it isn't a flame bait, he seems to be celebrating already about how he GOT one(me) in the first five minutes
  5. Well I certainly don't know him, but then for all I know he could be some prankster with a persona.
  6. Did I give you the impression that I hate the BSD license? Because I certainly don't. Windows-killer rants a lot about GPL and said he likes the BSD license, which made me wonder if he's one of you.
  7. Whatever, man. I wouldn't put it past anyone on to come over and make an *** of themselves, but honestly that community in general keeps to itself.

    And for another thing, what's with the BSD hate? Like the GPL, I think it's a good license. It's just a different way of doing things.
  8. I've done that before because I thought he was just ignorant. I've only started arguing with him seriously since yesterday because I think he is one of your lot. His constant bitching about GPL and the BSD lovefests make my point stronger.
  9. Yes, every time you tried to defend your views to Windows-killer. Continuing to feed the troll is a form of trolling in and of itself.
  10. When did I ever troll? Can you give me any examples of my supposed trolling?
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