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  1. Hi my friend and thanks for your nice post long time no see
    Well, I'm back to the same old routine at the same place so nothing new so far. I was studying to be prepared to do the CCNA Exam but I had some issues as always and I had to stop. I'll do my best to carry on and study and do the exam

    Hope all is ok at your end. I haven't logged in here for a month.
  2. Congrats on finding a new job. Wish you all the happiness and success you deserve.

    So, which country are you based these days? Hope to listen from you soon.

  3. I am absolutely fine. Still in Pakistan
    Hope you are fine too. I don't have much time to work on the forums these days so the interactions are drying up. Hope to get back soon.
  4. My old good friend, how are you and where are you? I've never heard from you so hope you are ok
    Take care and send me something, please!
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