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  1. Nice, I've heard there are problems in VM but never noticed them myself. Just saying any problems might be with the VM.

    Anyways, good luck. You can ask me for help no worries
  2. Hey again....I am finally attempting Arch, this time in virtual box so I can learn how to use it with out wrecking my main setup. Wish me luck man and be aware I may be asking for help, if that is ok with you of course.
  3. Craptop, I like that I am just hunting around until I find a PC that fits my budget and has the specs I want.
  4. Fair enough, that's understandable. I mess about on the craptop first anyway
  5. Not yet, I am looking for a computer to buy to use as my "f-around" computer. I don't want to **** up the installation and being re-installing Ubuntu again on my main PC.
  6. Did you ever get around to trying arch?
  7. Thanks I appreciate that!
  8. No problem, I'll add you to my friends so you can PM me if you need it
  9. Thanks, I am going to need it. Would it ever be an issue if I messaged you for advice? I won't hound you only as a last resort sort of thing.
  10. good luck
    stick with it, especially with xorg and hal
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