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  1. I'm using Karmic right now, and the graphics support for Intel graphics is way, way better than on Jaunty. Many things work out of the box with Karmic that must be manually configured in Jaunty (eg hotkeys). Most of the fixes are upstream from Karmic - they're in the kernel/GNOME/Intel driver updates. They won't be backported to Jaunty, generally speaking.

    However, Karmic is still very buggy (for everyone - not specifically to Mac users).

    If they fix most of the bugs before October when Karmic is released, I would probably advise anyone with a Mac to go with Karmic. However, I need to see the final release before making my mind up. For now, Karmic is definitely for people who don't mind having programs crash on them, and downloading tens of megabytes of updates almost every day.
  2. Hi, mate.

    I haven't been on the forums and didn't notice your message. My apologies.

    Current MacBook Pro is sixth generation. The fifth generation MBP didn't have a 13 inch model.

    When Jaunty is not configured properly for a Mac, it's woeful.

    Jaunty works pretty well on my MacBook once it is configured properly, but OS X works better, period. Everything just works in OS X while in Jaunty some things don't work properly at all (eg webcam, two-fingered scrolling, Intel integrated graphics support). I have installed Windows 7 as well, and Windows 7 works better than properly configured Jaunty.
  3. Hi Richard, I've just looked at your installation guide for installing ubuntu on a macbook. First of all, thanks for such a detailed guide. I hacve a couple of questions: current macbook pro 13' ( which generation is it? Fift? A more general question: which is the level of compliace and performance of jaunty on a macbook? (after following your guide and installing all proper packages). Have you already tested Karmic? Thanks!
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