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  1. Hey Mike, I didn't really understand what Affiliate Marketing was and after reading the material you sent me - I figured that I wasn't interested in it.
  2. Hi, I just went through parts of your post "Advice for Aspiring Independent Programmers." Sir, you are full of insight and I admire your analytical skills. I do not know any programming language but I do want to learn. I have heaps of time and I have broadband.

    So before I creep you out I'll get to the point.

    I would be honored to work for you for absolutely no cost.

    Just tell me what to read, what to learn and specifically what to do. No cost to you. Anything that I could do with a computer.

    For now I could devote at least 2 hours everyday to whatever you like me to do.


    You may contact me at if you are interested. I could send you my resume if you would like.
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