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  1. Probably, people seem to be really into that theme, but like many pixmap themes it gets buggy in some apps. It's also fixed on a specific color which rules it out for a lot of people who don't want to edit dozens of png's to recolor a theme.
  2. Yeah, those pressed insets would be easy to do. You think they'd look better on xl_cheeselooks?
  3. I was wondering if you thought a button style like the one in this pixmap theme ( would be difficult to do?

    In specific I'm reffering to the really deep inset on the active buttons. Here is a pic showing ( of interest is the depressed gtkToggleButton.

    I thought it might be doable because the buttons look really close to clearlooks/cheeselooks with the small addition of thicker inner shadows but I know nothing about theme engines so I may be totally off.
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