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  1. That's odd, I just signed in to launchpad and I'm still marked as a wizardpen tester ? anyway I used your ppa to install the driver
  2. techno-mole: I think I saw you join the group and then leave. So long as your wizardpen works in 10.04, can you tell me which paa you used? was it mine?
  3. I would gladly test, just let me know what you need, I'm running linux mint at the moment, with the version of wizardpen from the ppa (latest build I assume) and it's chugging along nicely.
    my e-mail is - or if you use twitter its -
    That's about the only social thing I use, not a fan of facebook or such like.
  4. Please consider joining:

    We need people to test wizardpen hardware and you seem interested in it.
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