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  1. I've created a Google Doc which incorporates both my questions and your replies as this text field is limited to only 1000 characters. My replies to your questions are done as comments.

    The Google Doc can be accessed here
  2. 1. What isn't clear about it?

    2. What part doesn't install correctly? I haven't installed it on a fresh install lately.

    3. If it's not throwing errors in the interface then it should be backing things up. Is it not asking you where to save it?
  3. I see you have something to do with Mythbuntu bare:

    1. Is there any documentation on how this is supposed to work. The current interface is not very clear for the average user.

    2. It does not install correctly in 11.10 and is a pig to fix unless you know what you are doing.

    3. I've been unable to get it to run a backup, does it produce any log files with meaningful error messages.

    So far my experience suggests that bare is a retrograde step, here's hoping it is not!
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