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  1. Hi ventrical

    Its grahammechanical. I have made some progress on modifying recovery-menu into a snapshot-menu. And it works. Amazingly. I have seven shell scripts + a readme type text file. How do I get them to you?

    The only email address I have for you is Is that still working? My only email address is lucking@grahamlucking

  2. Hi Graham,

    I had already signed in a few days ago. Whoops .. I am on the wrong page here Thanks for your message about the CoC.
  3. Hi

    I was re-reading your posts about signing the Code of Conduct and I realised that I should have pointed you to this sooner. I thought is was a youtube video but it is not

    I followed this myself when I signed to CoC. You can stop it and go back over it.

    Later we might want to think about using that Sikuli automation thing that effenberg0x0 mentions in the Brainstorming section. I watched the video. It seems easy.

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