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  1. Thank you very much for your advice, sorry for replying so late, but been busy with work. I have already started reading the book , and doing the exercises (they do help a lot). I find it very easy to ready but at the same time very informative. For C# development I haven't done really much (just basic work), since I was able to get away with it by using python for my work. I am interested in the low level programing at the moment, especially working with the kernel (or win OS).

    Thanks again, fdrake.
  2. Hi fdrake. Been a bit busy over the last couple of days.

    There is one book i always recommend for starting to learn software development in C and that is

    "The C programming language" by Kerninghan and Ritchie. Get it as a pdf from the net. Look for the newest edition.

    Have a go at the exercises in the book. That will teach you the basics of C that is used for both Windows and Linux development (and for that matter, different architectures).

    What C development have you done ?
  3. Thanks for the friendship request fdrake I'll post a long response to your questions later today.
  4. hi there i've seen you in the forum very frequently, and I also appreciatee the fact you have written a script for ppl having wireless issues. wanted to ask you , since it looks like you have some experience in C development/ and working with the linux Kernel(?), what books do you suggest for a begginer? Also is the C programming in linux applied the same way in windows? - I should have opened a new thread , sorry for the long question... Thanks
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