View Full Version : [other] vista, ubuntu and firefox

November 25th, 2008, 06:30 PM
OK, I don't really know how to properly ask this, but it all started when my firefox v.3 suddenly could not access the Internet. my machine is an HP pavilion dv5 notebook pc, with AMD Turion X2 Dual-core mobile ZM-80, 2100MHz, 2 Core, with Vista Home Premium. AFAIR, I installed an update (can't remember exactly what it was), and in my next boot, all firefox could put up was an error message that it could not access the page and asking me to check my Internet connection. of course, I was connected because my WinAmp was streaming music. I tried uninstalling & re-installing firefox, running it in safe mode and individually disabling/enabling its add-ons, to no avail. all this time, MSIE had no problem accessing the Internet! (MSIE's settings were identical with what I had in firefox.) I tried installing Opera, but that, too could not put up any webpage. I tried using system restore, setting it to it's oldest restore date, still nothing.
in a desperate measure, I downloaded and ran the ubuntu in its virtual machine mode (ready to dual-boot my machine just so I could use firefox), and tried running its built-in firefox version, but still nothing!:confused:
has Vista killed all other browsers, that not even ubuntu could overpower it?](*,)