View Full Version : [gnome] Upgraded to Ibex. Glitches and other problems with advanced desktop effects.

November 21st, 2008, 02:35 AM

So far I've had a "just works" experience with Ubuntu, and I really appreciate the added responsiveness from having 3d-card accelerated graphics on Ubuntu, but I havn't been able to have it activated since upgrading to Ibex.

I get a lot of graphic glitches in the title bars, which i can put up with. The real reason I cannot use it is that things are not working with dual monitors. I get a picture on the other monitor, but only on three quarters of the screen, and the rest is black. Also the graphic glitches are much worse, to the point of being near debilitating sometimes. Turning off advanced effects remedies all problems right away.

Working on Ibex 32bit, installed through Wubi over a Vista installation. AMD 64 bit processor, Nvidia Geforce Go 9700 on an Asus laptop.

Is it possible to revert back to an older version of Compiz, or something like that, that might fix this? Any help much appreciated.