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November 16th, 2008, 01:24 AM
Hi all.

I have recently downloaded Ubuntu to use on my Asus EEE PC900.
It came with XP installed but have used Wubi to successfully install and run Ubuntu as a partition.
Now my problem is the wireless access - nothing is showing up on my network.
I have checked and the built in net adapter is a Atheros 5007eg.

I have read this forum but I dont really want to follow help given to a different user with a different laptop.

I keep reading about the 'package-backports-modules-intrepid' that has to be installed but where do I get it from and how do I install it ?
I would love to get rid of XP as this is a great laptop that is only really used for surfing.
Looking forward to your help and advise.

Sorry I forgot to say I have 8.10

November 16th, 2008, 01:27 AM



is the place you want to go....

November 16th, 2008, 01:31 AM
ok what u need to do is hook ur loaptop up to ur router with eathernet and do this

do you have ubuntu 8.10 if you do u click applacations add/remove and search wireless and u will find something that says "windows wireless drivers check mark it and click apply changes