View Full Version : [ubuntu] Install and boot problem ubunta 8.10

November 14th, 2008, 07:08 PM
I am new to ubuntu. I downloaded version 8.10 and burned it to cd. I tried to install it inside windows Vista 64 bit operating system. it had a problem at the very end of install. So I uninstalled it. I rebooted and reinstalled again, this time it apeared to install ok. However it would not except my pasword so i cound not get in the operating system. so I uninstalled it again. I found a file under ubuntu which it did not uninstall. I opened the file and it sail this version is not compatable with your operating system. I think i need to download the 64 bit ubuntu to install it.
It left me with a minor problem. when i boot up it offers me the option of booting to vista which works, however it also has two different options to boot to ubunta. it did not remove them from the 2 installs.
Is their anyway to remove these ubuntu options when i boot the system.
Thank you for any help

Asus p5lvm 1394 m/board intel E6600 cpu 4 gig Ram