View Full Version : [ubuntu] Sporadic Wireless Intenet ?

November 5th, 2008, 04:30 AM
I've been having problems with my internet connection since installed ubuntu a couple weeks ago. I started off from a 7.10 Live CD, and managed to upgrade to 8.04 without an issue. But my connection is so sporadic. It only seems to work when it wants to. Now, it is a wireless connection, but it dual boots to windows XP, which has never had an issue connecting to the internet. It seems to connect, and tells me that my signal strength is usually between 60 and 80%, but i am only able to actually connect to the internet through firefox or for downloading updates every now and then. I am using an HP Pavilion a305w with a belkin usb wireless router. anybody having any similar problems or happen to know what might be going wrong?