View Full Version : [ubuntu] no center sound

November 4th, 2008, 08:22 PM
in short
i have a 5.1 sound system with on boardsound and cant get 5.1 i get no center
in long
help iam new both to this forum and linux as i have just moved from windows xp so iam am a noob to anything that ubuntu has for me but i have manged to get from no sound to 2.1 that was the sub and front left and right to now getting and now i have made a new discovery now this was breaking edge advanced for me i got the sub front an rear left and right i gone into the alsamixer in terminal and made sure that it was on 6 channel and that the center is not very low or muted i dont know weather i need any driver or something plz tell me the same way you would tell your dog so i dont get lost i have done some googleing and i tryed some stuff still no help
and before you post what motherboard i use, here it is "foxconn K7S741MG-6L"
ubuntu -v8.04.1- 32 bit
and so any help even a link or advice i currently have to have it turned up louder to make up for the lost speaker
this is first post hope its right