View Full Version : [all variants] WPA password required and some other problems

November 3rd, 2008, 09:45 AM
So, my network is a mess, but I have started the process of working through the problems to figure them out. Here is a list:

1. At random times, the computer will think that a password is required for a certain wireless wifi network. When I am pretty sure that isn't the case. If I restart, I am able to connect again. Unless someone is monitoring the network 24 hours a day, it is highly unlikely that security actually got applier to the router.

2. Wireless network connection goes out if I use the wired network. It wouldn't be a problem if I could shard the internet with a computer that is always on-line. through the wired connection.

3. I have to figure out the users and permissions needed to share two Linux computers and a Mac OS X one.

Can I share a wireless internet connection with the other computers? What settings do I use?