View Full Version : [ubuntu] Install of 8.10 on Toshiba M60

Brian Levy
October 30th, 2008, 11:29 PM
Downloaded and burnt ISO of 8.10. I have a Toshiba M60 w/ dual boot with XP Home and OpenSuse. Decided to delete the Linux partitions and setup a 20 gig dos data partition for both XP and Ubunto. The partitioning kept freezing and finally found that rather than making a dos partition I had to make an unknown partition and not format it. The rest of the install went well. Opened XP and it recognized the unformatted partition and I formatted is as the E: drive with FAT32 as I' not sure it Ubunto recognized NTFS. Ubunto recognized the partition and it showed on the desktop with not problem and opened a test file I had inserted while in XP.

Wireless card was recognized as was the Alps touchpad that has been a minor problem with OpenSuse, Fedora and earlier version of Ubunto. Soundcard tested okay and screen resolution was set correctly. Also, picked up both a flash drive and my MP3 player when I plugged them in. However when I tried to play a MP3 file it required a plug-in GS-Streamer and it could ot be found. Possibly need just to wait a day or 2 to get everything set up on the Ubunto server.

Other than the partitioning issue this was an easy install and not more difficult than say Windows XP and easier to get the network for the web up and running. I've not tried to install a printer as of yet. That is also historically a bit of an issue for Linux and a layperson and hopefully it will go easy.